Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Simple Sweet

At the end of the week
a project deadline was completed,
a visit to the night market
was my mini celebration.

There was fresh produce, sweet
desserts, wood fired pizzas,
chilli, even kettle corn.
The craft vendors had an interesting
array of creations, different music
bands played for the wide
range of audience.

But my eyes were on the local
strawberries, small and red,
they were not as sweet as anticipated
but they were sure fresh, a
delightful treat with low fat yogurt,
a simple sweet at the end
of the day.


  1. The strawberries look delightful, the local ones here are very red and juicy, but not sweet, could it be the weather?

  2. Hi P.K.: I think it could be the weather. I remembered past summers when there was lots of sun the berries were sure sweet but it has been a mix of sun and cloud here, mostly cloudy and rain.