Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hong Kong Diary Day 21 Convention Center and Causeway Bay

It seems there is little else to do but go to work or stay at home and paint for my second book these days. I for one would love to break away from this monotonous routine. I am looking forward to some 'free' time this coming long weekend and fear not, progress had been made each time I sit down to paint, something I hope to share later this week and... I have also set aside some time to escape to China today!

Let's continue on Day 21 of our trip, after a quiet walk at Clearwater Bay, Peter took us to Po Tai O, a fishing village much smaller than Tai O. We then stopped over at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, captured below the sweeping roof of the building, a remarkable shape against the evening sky.
Walking around the structure, another view from a different angle, various shades of blue and green glass a lovely compliment to the concrete grey, the row of white pots a subtle adornment on the edge.
Strolling by the other direction, the interior began to light up as the sun set creating a completely different outlook as one would witness in the daytime, this was one of my favorite sights of this exquisite architecture.
Just a few steps ahead, cars began to appear followed by the crowds, something must have been going on at the time as traffic got to be quite noisy. In the background the center's lights began to glow behind its glass walls like amber in the light.
It was time to leave and head over to Causeway Bay, just a short drive away, Peter left us for the evening, we thanked him again for showing us around Hong Kong and headed over to the water, below the scene as we waited for the night to fall. I have posted about Causeway Bay here, the scenery looked completely different from Victoria Peak.
I could not remember if there were many people around but the night was warm and the skies were fairly clear that October evening, we were hoping for a clear night for some night time pictures of the harbor.
In just a few moments the colors became more vibrant as the sun continued to set.
We waited patiently as the minutes passed, the salty air and calm sea kept us at ease, Peter told us the harbor would look completely different in the dark.
The taller buildings began to illuminate from within, some rooftops began to radiate...
... then the surrounding shorter ones followed in the twinkling brilliance.
We were enjoying the light show when a building's face began to display a colorful exhibit of the upcoming year's event. I recalled Peter mentioning this event but I could not remember what it was.
Nevertheless it kept us captivated as we watched the animated fireworks on this delightful show.
Below the panorama of the waterfront with all of the buildings lit up, it sure paid off to wait for the night to fall, the buildings were a wonderful array like jewels glistening in the dark.
A last shot of the harbor before heading back to the hotel, with no tripod we had left the camera on the concrete sidewalk on a prolonged exposure, the result was a ghostly image of a Chinese junk with crimson sails as it slowly glided along the water. It was nice to have a quiet day after an eventful Day 20, nevertheless we did not go to bed until 1 AM that night.

The China trip had taken up a lot out of our time and energy, did I tell you we were there for almost a month? And in that course 18,000 pictures were taken, some of which I was able to share on my weekly China posts, with the very first post that started in February 2010. I have enjoyed this blog journey of our trip, there are only a few more posts to go, I hope you continue to join us as we reveal another episode next week!


  1. Hi Novi,
    Wonderful colours you have captured!
    Sounds like you have a busy period ongoing.
    Hopefully you'll have a chance to take some time off this weekend and just relax and enjoy the summer!

  2. A fabulous post. I enjoyed the changing colours and lights. Oh, don't tell me that the China posts are coming to an end! It has been most interesting to see your trip so well documented. Try to have some relaxing time. Cheers.