Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hong Kong Journal Day 21 Clearwater Bay

I can't believe its Thursday! There's lots to do but at least the painting for my second book has started, and there is still time to escape to China. It has been quite a trip traveling through mainland China, click here to see the destinations of our entire trip. After a very busy Day 20 on our journey Peter took us to Clearwater Bay for some quiet time.

Down the path at the park, not a soul in sight.
There has been a tremendous amount of walking on our visit, our heavy legs took us up some steps, this was when we discovered the lone stroller ahead of us.
At the top of the steps, a grassy area with wooden animals, it seemed to be a designated kids play zone but no children were to be seen. I decided to ride one of them, the newly painted timber was very hard and uncomfortable, nevertheless I found the antlers amusing. The ones with horns off to the side reminded me of lambs whereas the others with antlers on top made me think of reindeers, some even looked like grasshoppers.
Leaving the area of fun we followed the trail down the path, Peter said a nearby hill is a popular spot for flying kites.
And there it was on top of the hill, the silhouette of a man holding a colorful kite beckoned us.
A closer look revealed the man was busy preparing his kite for flight...
... then he started to run around very fast so his kite would catch some wind. I could not remember if he was successful in flying his kite, maybe it was not a particularly windy day.
But the kite had a unique shape...
... and I remembered the decorative patterns on the ground, there was some lovely painted kites amongst the floor tiles.
I really like this one that looked like an old man, his facial expression is somewhat amusing.
This one below reminded me of an owl. There were a few more designs but each one was of similar style, they were not traditional but a modern interpretation of the wind's toys. I like the way the kites were painted, the colors were muted but they went perfectly with the peaceful atmosphere of the place.
Trailing down the path, I turned my head to look back at the peak, some silhouettes were captured, outlines of people gathering to enjoy the calming effect of the park.
Pictured below, a distant vista, it was cloudy and humid that afternoon, I could smell the saltiness of the nearby sea.
There was a lookout of the distant islands, complete with benches and tables for contemplating.
Heading down, I lagged behind as usual, there was something appealing about the meandering paths, each turn revealed a different photo opportunity.
Further down, we were engulfed by the trees, there were actually quite a few trees, we could hear the rustling of the leaves in the warm breeze. The trees were slim in the trunk but looking up, they were tall in height and offered a fair amount of shade.
The tranquil quality of the area put me at ease, it made me notice the littlest of things, like the pattern on the fence post, I even found the fence design interesting.
A couple of highlights amongst the bushes, this spider was a good size, with its legs stretched out it was the size of my hand!
An unusual variety of berries, the orange colored fruit peeled open as they ripen to reveal a purplish grey center.
A plant with delicate leaves, which had the most intricate vein structure.
One of the last twisty paths led us down to...
... the ranger station, a handsome looking hut with a terra cotta roof, it was equipped with an air conditioner. I could not help notice the surrounding tropical plants, their form was most distinct, I like the ones on the ground with the pointy leaves.
Back to the car, as Peter drove away he said there was another destination before heading home for dinner. Join us next week as we continue our China adventure!


  1. A fascinating post, thank you. The spider looks formidable. I am impressed how you have documented your journey. Happy Weekend!

  2. very relaxing environment. thanks again.