Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meeting with George

A very serious meeting with George:
discussion started in the kitchen
while waiting for the water to
boil, it continued into the
dining room while waiting for
the meat to cook. The burnt
smell soon revealed the pork
chops did not survive George's
intense BBQ heat. Oh well
lunch must go on, the buttered
buns went well with the creamy
coleslaw, corn and crunchy carrots.

After a munching recess it was
determined the beef patties was also
too dry, the star of the meal was
the sausage called torunska. Topics
of conversation soon led to
Jenny Craig, storybook illustrations,
the past, the future and the
present, which summarizes this
afternoon's activities.

It was nice to take the time
to visit an old friend, to break
away from the routine
and take a break.

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