Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hong Kong Diary Day 22 Hollywood Road (Antique Street)

Hello, we go to China today! Let's continue with our visit to Hollywood Road in Hong Kong, more commonly known as Antique Street. After stumbling upon a very untidy junk shop in last week's post, it was quite a relief when we found this stall selling Mao memorabilia, there were posters...... and pins and more posters, plus numerous more images of Chairman Mao printed in every size imaginable. I did not recall seeing so many of Mao Zedong's images when we were in mainland China, the only place we witnessed such items was in Wangfujing.
Mesmerized by the variety of vintage goods, I strolled past slowly only to turn around and noticed a poster of a Chinese Emperor. It hung at the very end on the left in the photo below, it looked like a portrait painting from Chinese Imperial times, nestled amongst the revolutionary merchandise it seemed out of place.
Walking along we observed there were also funky looking movie posters, starring Bruce Lee amongst other Asian stars. I did not recognize any of them except for the martial arts instructor himself, although I was delighted to see them on display.
More kung fu posters advertising action packed themes, we were enjoying the awkward composition of the images and type, and could only imagine the chaotic scenes as one character flies towards the other in the moment of fury or revenge. They brought back good childhood memories of my dad taking us to see the latest martial arts adventure.
I began to notice the row shops selling more expensive antiques on the sidewalk. Imprisoned behind lighted glass shelves were collector's items from various dynasties, whereas more affordable goods of teapots and jade pieces were displayed out in the open.
A close up of a shop's display, some lovely looking hand painted blue and white vases on the top row, intricately carved wooden sculptures amidst glazed porcelain. All crowded together they all demanded equal attention, which one should I bring home I did not know.
A corner stall that sold wooden plaques bearing auspicious Chinese characters, bronze statues of Buddha, Chinese knotting made of silk yarns, all kinds of trinkets the list went on... and then there were the swords.
A wonderful array of door handles, shiny or antique bronze, available in all styles and sizes. Before our China trip I had seen some in Vancouver's Chinatown but these were more exquisite in design and much finer in craftsmanship.
We continue to wander along, then in the middle of the street sitting atop a plastic container were these lotus slippers, their bright colors and pretty embroidery a reminder of a cruel and painful practice on Chinese women called foot binding.
One last shot down Antique Street, we could go on but there were too many shops and other places to visit that afternoon.
Before we left we noted there were stores that did not sell antiques on Antique Street. This one below a machinery shop that manufactured small parts, on the brown wooden board was a diagram in chalk of how the item operated, it had been a while since I seen one of these shops.
Below a trolley production business, any kind you want from small ones with cute wheels to big ones designed for heavy duty performance.
As usual in a typical Hong Kong neighborhood there was the little noodle shop tucked in between merchandise stalls.
On the edge of the district there was also a primary school, I love the different pastel colors for each floor.
Also located nearby was the quintessential hi-rise throughout our visit in Hong Kong.
However there was also the older residential low-rise. As we got into the car, Peter pointed out the decorative brushstrokes on the window, white paint in wavelike motion encompassed a double happiness Chinese character, could this be the newlyweds first home? On this joyous note we drove off to the next destination, to be disclosed next week!

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  1. Markets are always fun and full of surprises! Thanks for sharing this one!