Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hong Kong Journal Day 22 Repulse Bay and Prison

Yep you read that right, we are going to prison on Day 22 of our China trip! No... do not scroll down, there will be no cheating so let's head on over to Repulse Bay in Hong Kong, another one of Peter's suggestions. Below the sign that greeted us by the entrance: no kite flying, no cycling, no fishing, no dogs allowed, no ball games, no frisbee... no every other thing that a normal person would associate with beach activities, this seemed very interesting.Just a few steps onto the soft sand revealed there were few visitors on the beach. It was the Fall season at the time, the weather was still warm in Hong Kong, the wind carried a slight salty breeze, it was lovely under the shady canopy. After 3 weeks of traveling through China and walking amidst crowd after crowd, I remembered I was quite delighted to have a quiet moment and thankful to have the beach to ourselves.
Walking out towards the ocean, I decided to turn around and could not help notice the buildings behind us, there was quite a few of them.
Turning to the left, more apartment buildings surrounding the beach front, it was mentioned the waterfront property was one of the most expensive in Hong Kong.
Peter and David pointed out the famous building with the hole, this was done so the dragons from the mountains could have a drink of water from the ocean so the feng shui master said. Never mind feng shui, I thought this was a show of architecture genius. This was also a chance to participate in the surrounding beauty, the hole was a window of the water from the hills, or a view of the mountains from the beach.
The camera zoomed out to capture the neighboring structures, despite the size and height their pastel colors blended nicely with the nature nearby, it all looked quite pleasant together.
Off into the distant, more muted colored buildings made even more subtle that cloudy afternoon, the one on the very right had noticeable swooping lines.
The lifeguard station caught my attention, I like its spiral staircase but where was the lifeguard?
We spent quite a bit of time on the sand, David and Peter went off visiting, I was engrossed with the little shells so tiny many would not have noticed their black or red colors. But it was time to move on as we had other places to go, Peter called out to me which led my eye to this lonely kayak, I guess kayaking must have been one of the approved activities on the water.
One last shot of the beachfront homes before catching up with the guys to...
... the temple that was located on the other end of the shoreline. Colorful tiles on the staircase led to brightly colored statues, the scent of incense was in the air.
The steps also led downwards to this bridge by the water, what wonderful red! It stood out amongst the delightful shades of the pagoda.
There was some statues of animal forms on the pier, I recognized a goat with horns, I think there was a fish creature of some sort too, what were their significance, was this a Taoist temple?
With unanswered questions we left Repulse Bay for another destination, along the way Peter pointed out we would pass by a prison. Fortunately for us the car was stuck in a traffic jam and I was free to snap away with the camera, the first photo a sign on the prison wall.
Below the front entrance of the lockup, it looked formidable, were the walls as thick as the ones around this doorway?
Driving along the prison walls in slow motion amidst the congestion, I was surprised vehicles were allowed this much proximity to the enclosure.
A peak upwards at the jailhouses, were those windows of the cells or administrative offices?
A closer look revealed some glass panes were missing.
The window design on this wall appeared colonial, the walls had a depressing yellow tone, I wonder what crimes were committed to warrant such imprisonment?

Driving on we realized the prison was situated amongst buildings of offices, shopping centres and residences, could this be a low security correctional facility, it seemed a strange location would there not be all kinds of places to hide or catch a ride?

Next week the China adventure continues with our personal guide Peter from Hong Kong, a different location so stay tuned!

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  1. The beach and the buildings with the trees in the background made for interesting contrasts. I liked the traditional colours on the temple, again an interesting contrast to the modernity. The prison is certainly a place to avoid. Cheers.