Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hong Kong Postcard Day 22 On the way to Hollywood Road (Antique Street)

Hello Thursday! Welcome to another episode of our China trip! Last week we visited Repulse Bay and went to prison, this week we are free to roam through Hong Kong again. Our personal guide Peter recommended the antique district on Hollywood Road, a new destination for us, with speculating comments we drove on inching through the traffic jam...... passing through the shopping district of shiny buildings. I did not recognize the area nor did I know where we were, we placed our trust in Peter's driving, who steered ahead ever so carefully.
The glitzy structures gradually turned into more residential developments, they were less shiny, with each window accompanied by an air conditioner.
Coming out of the congestion, the car motored down the street freely, in the distance monotonous looking hi-rise loomed ahead.
More gargantuan erections, I guess Hong Kong is full of them wherever you go, it appeared the area was 100% residences, no shops were in sight.
Bright yellow fences and signs by the road indicating a construction work area, blue and white arrows instructed drivers to move to the left, we drove on carefully...
... and the lane led us back into the busy street again. Green netting covered the tall building on the right, in Vancouver this would denote a leaky condo, would this be the case in Hong Kong?
We began to loose interest in the traffic, I turned my attention to the shops, this little one below selling fruit, tended with care by an elderly couple it stood in its corner, neat and tidy.
Turning around a corner, in front of a small cafe displaying signs of noodle, congee and rice dishes, an old man was seen pulling a heavy basket behind him.
As we continued towards the antique district, the sidewalk came alive with everyday activity, a man walked by a BBQ meat shop as he chatted on his cell. As I looked at this picture the thought crossed my mind man did those poultry ever looked delicious.
We followed and observed him until we all came to a stop at the lights.
As the pedestrians walked on, I turned my attention to this produce shop below, situated at a prime location it was filled with all kinds of vegetables from corner to corner. It instantly reminded me of the neighborhood wet market we used to visit in Singapore, fresh greens would be bargained for on a daily basis, brought home to be cleaned and cooked hastily on a wok for dinner.
The road came to an end and Peter parked the car. In just a few steps we came to this sign that pointed to all kinds of destinations, the one we were looking for was Hollywood Road, Peter pointed out the street went quite a ways so we began our little hike.
On the edge of the antique quarter, the shop in red looked prestigious and authentic.
I could not help but looked up the street, it looked like this could be an interesting stopover.
A stone's throw away, a very disorganized looking shop named Luk Kee, now I don't know much about antiques but this appeared to be a thrift store full of junk! Let's hope the rest of the shops don't look like this, next week our China journey continues on Antique Street, be sure to stay tuned!

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing more of Antique Street.