Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hong Kong Diary Day 22 Sun Pat Kan and Hunting for Lunch

Thanks for joining us to escape to China today! We continue with our exploration of the little town of Stanley, after wandering through the Stanley Market and strolling down the Promenade we made our way to Sun Pat Kan Sitting Out Area. I could not recall exactly where this are was but captured below was a picture of the sign, I made a habit to record the signs at places we were visiting so there would be no mistake in remembering helpful things like correct names and spelling.We started out from the right, small boats were hauled out of the water for the day, the red one was covered with a blue tarp. I wonder if these were fishing vessels and if so, were they used for a commercial purpose?
My eye wandered to the left, more dry boats on the beach, there was hardly anyone there, the quiet waves lapped against the shore.
I walked towards the boats for a closer look, a shot of the turquoise hauls against the faded yellow building, it was a warm and hazy afternoon that day.
Out in the open the gray sea with a lone fisherman tending to his net, his boat the only one on the sand that was not overturned.
To the very left two friends were playing chess by the water under the shady canopy of a tropical tree, what a way to spend this lazy afternoon.
Across from the shore a row of houses, its structure was most unique, I don't think I have ever seen a concrete roof. Questions came to mind: were they high maintenance, would they crack in the long run and how did they build them?
The homes looked quite mundane, every single one has 2 windows, one on each side of the green double doors. However from this angle they looked rather interesting with their roofs in various shades of gray, some even appeared newly painted.
A shot of one of the letter box of the dwellings, the see through holes were a double coin design.
Some posters were stuck on some of the brick walls, advertisement for some product or was it for a TV show, it didn't matter, I thought they were a delightful spot of color that added a tiny bit of visual interest for this corner.
Leaving Sun Pat Kan Sitting Area, one last shot before our hunt for lunch, a rather disorganized array of buildings on this block that seemed to go together somehow.
Walking down the main road looking for a place to eat, the sides were off limits, as usual the bright yellow fence announced its construction presence to pedestrians and drivers.
There was lots of menu choices, would you care for a fish and chips platter and a side of mashed peas at this English pub?
How about a couple of fusion entrees at this stylish joint with modern interiors...
... or some calamari or pasta at a Mediterranean restaurant with sunny walls?
We were not entirely sure what the food would be like here, red and white checked tablecloths mixed with Chinese red paper couplets and Halloween lanterns resulted in a strange decorative touch. It was lunch time but no one was eating at any of these places so we decided to move on.
Alas we found lunch at a building away from the tourist area, it was packed with locals eating away. A filling combination of beef and tomato, chicken with black pepper sauce and Singapore fried vermicelli with rice and drinks for only RMB $105, about $15 Canadian for 3 adults. Prices in Hong Kong was by far the highest costs for our travel expenses but this was the most reasonable meal we had there. Captured below one last shot of Stanley before heading back to the car.
Day 22 of our China trip turned out to be a visit to a few places, it started out with Repulse Bay then antique shopping on Hollywood Road, more shopping at Stanley Market and some quiet time at the Promenade and Sun Pat Kan. That night we headed back to the hotel and wandered through the neighborhood looking for dinner, a simple meal of BBQ pork and BBQ duck with boiled vegetables and oyster sauce, prices were reasonable but the food was very greasy. We walked about and found an electronics building with stores at all levels selling only electronics but it was past 9 PM and they were closed. Tired from all the traveling we were in bed by 11PM, the first time in 22 days we went to bed early! It was a restful sleep indeed. Next week our China adventure continues!

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  1. Your are right about the concrete roof question. How indeed do they maintain them? Another fascinating post, thank you.