Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hong Kong Journal Day 22 Stanley Market

Hello Thursday and Hello China! I am sorry about the lack of posts on my blog, there was also no China post last week, I have been extremely busy with my second book. The good news is that's now all finished!!! I will share that with you later this month, my current state demands some getting things back to order, some housekeeping and cleaning, and also some rest. Despite the list of chores there is definitely time to escape to China. So without further adieu we continue with Day 22, after a visit to Repulse Bay and Hollywood Road, Peter decided to take us to Stanley Market for some window shopping, below the road towards the market, on the left the typical bus stop in Hong Kong with its clearly painted sign.After parking the car, we headed towards the shops, where lots of red taxis were gathered there as well as people.
In the midst of swirling vehicles taking their turns to pick up customers, we finally found our way to the goods.
There was an array of colorful hanging lanterns, I like the pink and purple ones.
More lanterns at a glance, a closer look revealed there was also Chinese calligraphy in picture frames on the wall. The couple on the right was surrounded with seals and calligraphy supplies, this must be an art store doubling as a souvenir stall.
Looking down the tiled street, we were expecting the area to be highly crowded but Stanley Market was a fairly big, I guess the shoppers were dispersed about the place.
More stalls up the stairs, there was quite a few stairs that led away from the main drag, a good variety of merchandise on display, plenty of bargaining went on.
Walking on to explore the area, we followed the businesses towards the residential low rise.
On the edge of the commercial district, a fruit and flower shop caught my eye.
A close up of the flower shop, it brought back memories of Singapore where blooms would be displayed out in the open with no refrigeration system, merchandise would be of a tropical breed such as orchids.
A close up of the fruit shop, a typical Asian practice would be to hang the bananas. Why was this done, was it a good way to prevent bruising?
As we strolled along we saw signs commemorating Old Street Stanley, I felt the retro design and bright colors complimented the area nicely.
As we returned to the car, a similar sign with a slightly different message, the same vintage design was calling out for leasing opportunities. I wonder what the costs were? It was nice to have a brief walk through Stanley Market, but we must move on as there were other parts Peter was anxious to show. Until next week, more about this neighborhood!

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  1. Looks like a good place for exploring. I liked the paper dragons and I noticed a Van Gogh print. Congratulations on finishing your book. Cheers.