Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hong Kong Journal Day 23 Kowloon Park Part 1

Welcome to our weekly episode on our China trip today! I am sorry about skipping a China post last week, too many things to do with too little time I simply could not concentrate. Thank goodness this week is much better. We are on Day 23 on our journey, we have been to 6 cities in Mainland China: Beijing, Xian, Chongqing, Yichang, Shanghai and Guilin, it was hard to choose but I must say they were all interesting. I have seen some of the most beautiful sceneries, gorgeous mountains on the Yangtze River and lingering hills by the Li River. One of our goals was to rent bikes and take the time to explore the area, which we did in Xian on the city wall and yet again in a little town called Yangshuo. Our China trip has been a dream come true, we enjoyed it very much and it is my personal joy and pride to share our journey with you every week since February 2010.

There are just a few more posts to go, we are on our last Chinese destination: Hong Kong to visit some friends, relax and unwind before heading home to Canada. While strolling down Nathan Road on this post, Peter and Vonny suggested we visit Kowloon Park. We headed down to the same location, things looked very different in the day time, all we saw were shops...
... and more shops. Brand names from all over the world, clothing, accessories, you named it they got it but they were not what we were looking for.
The bold advertisement across the street caught my eye, but passersby seemed oblivious to it.
A few double decker buses crowded with passengers drove by, they were covered with commercials too but I had no clue what they were about.
My attention turned to the brick building across the street, overshadowed by lush giant trees and succulent green undergrowth, the kind of prolific growth present only in a tropical climate.
Then David noticed the steps that Peter and Vonny mentioned, "go up those stairs and they will take you to the park."
One last look at Nathan Road before venturing into the park...
... onto a new level, the main entrance greeted us. Colossal hi-rise loomed in the distance, they balanced the strong graphic tile patterns on the ground. It dawned on us that Kowloon Park is located in the midst of Hong Kong's downtown core.
We walked down one of the pathways, the traffic noise faded into the background.
At the end of the path, an enormous building stood, its unique design and white exterior tiles reminded of the architecture of a shopping mall in Singapore.
But this was not a place for retail stores, we could smell the chlorine in the air and hear the children playing in the water. There it was behind the blue painted wall, a fair sized swimming pool shared by the community in the heart of the city.
Moving on as we were not there for a swim, a capture of the outside, a mosaic of more tall buildings, residential or office their purpose was unknown.
It was not long before we entered a greener space, bands of tropical plants filled the area, palms on the outlining edge while pink blossoms perked up the middle.
There were red and yellow flowers too, their rich colors contrast against the upright white lamp posts.
What was the reason for this wonderful garden arrangement? There in the centre of it all, a clock counting down the days and time remaining to the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.
Did I tell you we were in China in October 2007? Let's see, it was 282 days 7 hours, 58 minutes and 50 seconds to this international sports event!
Our focus returned back to the surrounding landscape, I could not help but notice those palm trees had really skinny trunks, regardless they lined up nicely and led the eye to...
... the end of the row where a totem pole stood tall. I was surprised to see this in Hong Kong, it instantly reminded me of Vancouver where totem poles resided in Stanley Park. We had been traveling for 23 days now, despite all the wonderful things we discovered on our trip we were missing home.
Thoughts of home gradually disappeared with the sight of prolific green, all the different shades combined with sculptured bushes gave a feeling of peace. There were lots of benches to sit around but wait...
... there were some steps that took you to another level...
... where there were more benches to choose from, to catch up with the daily news or time away from the office for a bite of lunch.
There was even tables and chairs for those who prefer a different setting, perhaps a morning game of Chinese chess with friends.
Onwards we continue like this man below, more on Kowloon Park next week, so stay tuned!

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  1. Quite the park, it brought to mind the Joni Mitchell song lyrics "in a tree museum". Happy Weekend!