Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hong Kong Postcard Day 22 Promenade in Stanley

There are still loads of laundry to do and I cannot find my way to the desk, oh well at least I can still type on the computer. Let's forget about the daily chores and escape to China instead! Last week Peter took us to Stanley Market for a quick stroll through the shops, it was not as crowded as we expected but some quiet time was needed so we decided to wander off towards the promenade. As we walked along the colorful circles through the trees drew us near.The circles led the way down the path that was lined with yellow tiles, a mishmash of buildings off to the side, I quite like the look of the older ones mingled in with the new.
I decided to walk towards the buildings to get a closer look, below the view of the drain that greeted me. There were doors and steps that led to this drain area, I wondered what was its purpose?
Back on the street, a feeling of calm and quiet despite the diverse structural shapes, maybe it was because of the gray colored ground, its flat surface was quite comfortable to walk on.
Across the way, the view of the peaceful ocean, the gentle curve of the concrete edge led the walkway towards some pastel colored buildings.
Walking on the trail led us to the newly developed shops by the water.
A closer look at the businesses, hanging tarps over their roofs in triangle shapes, brown paper covered its windows, a disappointing reality: they were closed and unoccupied.
The empty shops went all the way to the end, vacant benches beautifully designed but no one to use them.
As we explored the commercial area there were some shops that were open for business, it appeared they were mostly cafes but the presence of customers assured us this was a new area that had only just started up.
It would be nice to sit and watch the people as they relaxed with their cup of jo, like this man sitting on the edge, but it was time to move on to explore other parts of the area.
On the way we saw a sign on the wall, courtesy of Hong Kong's Leisure and Cultural Services Department, reminding visitors of this park's rules. Regardless of its restrictions it did not prevent us from enjoying the view, the unique architecture of the shops and the walk by the sea. Onwards we go to explore more of the area, join us next week same time same place!

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  1. I love the sign. It is good to know what one can do and what not to do.