Sunday, October 16, 2011

China Diary Day 23 Hong Kong Museum of Art

Hello weekend! It's... the first Sunday edition of China escape, I hope this coming week will return to normal so we can continue my weekly series on Thursday. Thank you so much for the lovely comments on the last post, I'm glad you guys enjoyed the birds.

After a delightful morning at Kowloon Park we decided to visit the Hong Kong Museum of Art, which was located just a few minutes away. Much to our surprise it was free admission that Wednesday, I think admission is free every Wednesday, normally admission is 30RMB per adult, about $4.30 Canadian. Below the walkway that led us towards the museum, I could not help but notice it was covered with tiles. We were lucky it had not rained during our entire China trip, I wonder if the tiles were slippery when wet. It seemed a strange choice for outdoor application, we saw it on exterior walls throughout our China trip, was this a low maintenance solution?
There was no pictures of the interior of the museum, all I had were pictures of paintings I liked. Throughout our China trip I kept a notebook of what we saw and what we did on a daily basis but there was no notes on what the building looked like inside, how many stories and if there were other collections of artifacts. We have been traveling for 23 days, my notes got shorter and shorter as each day went by, we did so many things I was too tired to record everything.

The first painting that caught my eye, a peaceful scenery of river and mountains, a few boats floating down the calm waters, it reminded me of our cruise down the Li River in Guilin.
Another painting reminiscent of the Li River, I remembered its size was quite large, a breathtaking backdrop of tall hills nestled amongst the fog, was this Li River or another part of China?
The one below depicted a quiet walk in the woods looking through the trees onto the soothing river.
An artwork with a view of the rice fields over the bamboo grove, I quite like the brushstrokes of this piece, a mix of lively black and subtle light grey ones. It made me think of Lok Ma Chau Lookout when all we could see were farmlands.
Another portrayal of a village field, I much enjoyed the paint strokes of this one too, perhaps because it revealed a simpler way of life working off the land, were those farmers or oxen laboring in the fields?
A couple of watercolors on vistas, this one the sight from the top of a hill, boats anchored in a bay, I imagined soft waves lapping on the shore, a gentle sea wind blowing through the area.
Another landscape illustrated a river scene, a lone boat in the corner, the rest of the painting a blend of bold and soft brushwork representing a hillside and mountains, love the blue which complimented the judicious use of orange.
Then I came to a long painting of flowers, pictured below a delicate rendition of a white lotus, I have seen numerous pink ones but this pale tone made it seemed so pure. The leaves, a fine study of the vein structure, the use of the brush to show its tattered edges was most impressive.
Next to the lotus, some chrysanthemum blooms, each petal edged with a "U" shaped paint stroke, the white blooms that sat adorned the top of the stem caught my eye. There were more flowers on the same painting, every one of them separated by a short poem, I did not recognize the Chinese characters what were the poems about?
Another picture of chrysanthemum, it seemed to be a common topic in Chinese paintings, the illustrative style here was most impressive, it was as if the plants were swaying in the breeze. It also showed not one but 3 different varieties, I like the pink one with fine narrow petals.

One last photo of a painting filled with cosmos, I stood in awe and stared at its fine details, the most sophisticated of them all. It was so enchantingly beautiful I felt lost in the midst of petals and wispy leaves.

There are still more paintings to share but I will have to stop until next our next post on the China series. I hope you have a pleasant week, may it be filled with sunshine and mild weather, see you on Thursday!

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  1. Beautiful paintings, I especially liked the chrysanthemums.