Thursday, October 20, 2011

China Journal Day 23 Hong Kong Museum of Art Part 2

Welcome to this week's episode of our China journey! Last week we visited the Hong Kong Museum of Art, I found some nice Chinese watercolors of landscapes and flowers but there were many others that caught my eye. Below part of a long series of flowers including a lotus and some chrysanthemums, several tiny orange berries nestled amongst the leaves, I wonder what kind of fruit were these?Further down the same painting, another branch that bore fruit, the color a yellow orange but they were much juicier in appearance.
A surprising end to the same piece of artwork, a group of vegetables, I recognized a bok choy and a turnip, I think the red colored one was a beet. They looked as if they were freshly harvested, I could not wait to sink my teeth into those crunchy looking stems.
Other than flowers, landscapes and fruit, there was also a study on leaves, this one belonged to the bamboo plant, which was another common topic for Chinese paintings. Its shade a brilliant green, the edges tattered and brown, there was white spots all over the leaf surface, could this piece be hinting towards snow in the woods during the winter season?
I could not remember if there were other styles of paintings other than Chinese watercolor, nor did I recall if there were other mediums. But I came across another long painting, the era was historic, the subject was the people, specifically the folks in the village. The first part was of their working life, it must have been very laborious to till the land by hand.
But there was also help from the trusty water buffalo to carry home the harvest of the day, I could imagine the relief from one's exhausted body when the end of the day was approaching.
Dinner shared together on the kitchen table at day's end, it would be so nice to grow what you eat but I am not a gardener nor am I a farmer, I would guess a feeling of utmost gratitude and fulfillment.
The painting also gave an insight to the common pastime of flying kites, which brought to mind that kite flying is still a present day activity, evident during our visit to Clearwater Bay on this post.
Would you care to be entertained by a monkey on a stick? Performance such as this must be quite popular, look at the large crowd transfixed on the animal. I much enjoyed this piece of art work, although it was in black and white, it gave me a descriptive look into what used to be a simpler way of life.
After viewing this last painting we left the museum, outside a different kind of art, it was not a watercolor on paper or fabric but a 3 dimensional work of steel.
From the side it appeared to be a profile of 2 angular shapes.
But walking around we came to a different point of view, red blocks resembled a tall column, on top a human form reached for the sky. What was the message? The sculpture did catch our attention, it was interesting but we felt it didn't quite belong to the landscape.
One last look at the Hong Kong Museum of Art before moving on.
We made our way to the waterfront, did you know the Hong Kong Museum of Art was located just minutes from our hotel?
The buildings in the area had the same color and of similar structure, modern in architecture style, check out the sweeping roof below.
We followed the row of coconut trees to the water, where did we go next? The location will be revealed next week!

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  1. Beautiful paintings. I am looking forward to the next post.