Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hong Kong Postcard Day 23 By Victoria Harbor

Hello Thursday! It's been another busy week but tomorrow is Friday (yay!!) and there is still time to escape to China. Last week we browsed through the paintings at the Hong Kong Musuem of Art and made our way towards the waterfront, below the distant buildings that drew us near.At the end of the row of coconut trees a blue van caught our attention, why was it parked there? We walked up to find...
... a man in a wetsuit, he marched towards the water and looked like he was on a mission.
By the sea, a different diver who appeared to have already been in the water was seen talking to 2 men who looked like authorities, why were they there and what were they looking for?
No one else seemed to be interested in the underwater discovery so we strolled away...
... and wandered towards the elevated walkway.
We wanted to take the stairs but saw there were people underneath the passageway.
A closer look revealed a man leaning on the railing, he seemed relaxed, what was he looking at?
Across the Victoria Harbor a colorful ferry cruised past, in the background the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre amongst other hi-rise located on Wan Chai North.
We had visited this area before, you can see more pictures of the convention centre and surrounding buildings on this post, they looked very dramatic all lit up at night. Everything seemed a lot calmer and muted in the daytime, it was a world of difference.
The colorful ferry sailed on by to the area called Causeway Bay, which we also frequented recently, some night shots by the harbor was shared on this post, click here to see views from Victoria Peak.
We continued on under the walkway, the shiny and smooth surface on the columns made the area feel so classy.
Just a few steps ahead the clock tower could be seen peaking around the corner, but...
... we decided to head back to the stairs, up we went to the higher level to get a different view of the surroundings.
The area seemed to be popular with the locals, a lot of people sat on the tiled bench reading the papers or chatting with friends, the weather was just the right temperature. We kept on...
... but it was not long before we encountered the same clock tower as we did underneath the passageway. In the foreground a row of lights contained in glass spheres, I wonder what kind of light shows were performed here and for what events.
We carried on to find the structure with the sweeping roof, it took up a good proportion of this shot below, I thought it went well with the sweet colored bougainvillea.
A short distance gave way to another composition of the same area, the clock tower was sure captivating.
It garnered one photo after another, this time the advertising display next to it flashed a bright red color, a message of some sort was aimed at passersby.
A final shot of the tower, a jumbled configuration of all the elements: people, buildings, advertising, coconut trees and flowers. Hong Kong sure is a photogenic city, I remembered each step was filled with all kinds of ever changing imagery I kept the camera shutter very busy. Our China adventure continues next week!


  1. Thanks Novi for sharing these and have a wonderful weekend! :)

  2. An interesting post. The spaces are so controlled and developed, rather overwhelming.