Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hong Kong Postcard Day 23 Kowloon Park Part 2 Animals in the Park!

I can't believe October is here, days are getting shorter, weather is getting colder, but it's...... Thursday, that time of the week to escape to China! Last week we spent some time in the company of trees at Kowloon Park, I promised to show more of this wonderful place on this post, let's see what we found.

At the end of another stairway we were led down this path, what was that on the right? We were surprised to find an aviary nestled amongst the trees, we peeked in and saw...
... this bird perched on a branch in the corner, its feathers an exotic deep blue, the ones on its crown reminded me of a peacock. What was its name, I did not know.
Another unusual bird, I seemed to remember each was housed with their own species, I could not recall if this one was alone. I could not help but stare at the plumage around its nape, such a handsome shade of dusty blue, the iridescent greens, blues and orange on its back was amazing. It sat there quietly and allowed me to snap a few shots.
Just a few steps away we found another bird that looked very similar to the one above but it had a white tail and was much bigger in size. I wonder where did they get all these birds and how long were they there for.
A white creature stared at me from its cage, its pale feathers and shape reminded me of a dove. It did not struck me as unusual, but the subtle shade and soft details on its rump was quite soothing in appearance.
Then we came to the parrot section, a pair of blue and yellow macaws sat up high on a tree limb. I thought of the time in kindergarten when my dad took us to Jurong Bird Park, I had the opportunity to hold one on a stick and boy was it extremely heavy!
Since then, I had seen some wilderness documentaries that showed parrots roaming in the wild, flying and feeding in the open jungle, I much prefer to see animals in their native environment. These group of smaller parrots below were a quiet bunch, most were napping while others sat looking lethargic, I think they would be a lot livelier if they were free.
Then we came to the last enclosure, what drew us close was a voice that said, "Hello how are you? Lovely to see you!" I believe its name was Benjamin and he was a talkative one, captured below his face a comical expression, it was most amusing to meet him but it was time to move on.
We kept walking, there was sure lots to see in Kowloon Park, just when we thought we had seen everything we came to a pond, compared to the surrounding hi-rise it was huge. I was admiring the dark waters and the aqua colored glass windows when David pointed out...
... the flamingos on the edge, there was so many of them I don't think I have ever seen such a large group before.
We stayed a while to observe them feeding and walking about in the water searching for more food. There was tags on their legs but they were not caged nor were they netted in, what kept the birds from staying here?
The water was so smooth that day it made a great reflection, it was delightful to see the birds in the aviary but watching the flamingos roaming about freely was a gift.
But flamingos were not the last birds we saw, in another pool a Mandarin Duck was seen waddling by, it instantly reminded me of the ones in the Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou on this post.
More ducks, a pair of them keeping each other company as a....
... black one with a dull expression swam by.
Many fowls were enjoying the water that afternoon, even the sparrows were taking a bath.
But there were not only birds in the park, turtles of various sizes were sunning themselves on a trunk.
And then there was the koi, they were so colorful, I took numerous pictures of them swimming this way and that. They were so peaceful to look at I would have stayed longer but David called out to me, Kowloon Park was not the only item on our agenda that day.
Returning to the company of trees as we made our way to the entrance, these trees below had such an enormous root system it caught the attention of an elderly couple.
We decided to head over and get a closer view, but look what we found growing on the side of the steps! How long was it there and how did it get there in the first place?
We walked on, more visitors arrived as it was lunch hour.
It was nice to spend the morning at Kowloon Park but it was time to leave for our next destination, join us next week for another episode of China escape!


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I loved the birds! So joyful colours! They made me smile! :) I can understand why you felt you could have stayed at that park for a long time. Very lovely indeed.

  2. What spectacular birds, the colours are amazing. A special place indeed. October is going by so quickly, it is raining here, your photos warmed me up.