Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hong Kong Diary Day 23 Crossing Victoria Harbor

Hello Thursday! I know there has been a few China posts missing for this month, there just wasn't enough time but I am excited to be able to continue with our China trip today! It gets dark so fast these days with the temperature getting colder, even with the sun on sunny days I am still feeling bbrrrrrrrr... but we can all escape to China where it is a lot warmer.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last China post, Hong Kong sure is an interesting city to visit. We were walking by the harbor, watching the boats go by as the warm, salty wind breezed around us. The first boat reminded me of one I created in Singapore for elementary art class, a vessel lined with old tires that acted as bumpers on each side, was this a house boat or a working ship?Another boat went floating by, swaying side to side it looked very charming with golden yellow walls and a green pagoda roof. It was one of the most colorful crafts we saw, we think it's a tourist boat.
Various other boats went sailing by, there was even a container ship and a sharp looking white one.
Victoria Harbor was busy with traffic, another ferry motored across the water, it was not colored as lively as this one on this post but had the common shades of white and green.
We continued on the walkway until we came to the ferry dock, a familiar sight on our Hong Kong travels we used the "Star" Ferry to cross the waters on numerous occasions. It was conveniently located near our hotel and at 2 RMB (about 30 cents Canadian) per person it was a hard deal to beat.
Pictured below a ferry waited at the dock as the passengers board, it was very popular with locals and tourists.
Once on board I decided to capture the interiors, it was not the trendiest but was clean and tidy. I wonder how old those chairs were, they seemed well taken care of and functioned in a most unique way. To sit facing the right way you simply swing the backs in either direction, now that's practical!
As we cruised across the sea, my eyes wandered to the view outside the window, the row of buildings on Causeway Bay in muted shades.
Below the Hong Kong Convention Centre which we came across several times before, signs were starting to light up on some of the buildings, it was late afternoon and the day was coming to an end.
Our crossing over the water was quickly coming to an end too, I hastily snapped a few shots as the ferry neared the dock. This made me think of our boat trips with George, picture taking was a split second decision when you are on a moving object, the surroundings was changing continuously you could not change your position as you would on land.
More instantaneous shots, I love the curve of the roof, a boat was anchored next to the convention centre, let's go and have a closer look!
A close up revealed a golden dragon on the top, would lights be flashing as the boat blared loud disco music up and down the water? The name First Travel sounded like a sightseer, I bet this would be a fun boat to be on.
My attention turned to the buildings, a crop of the vicinity, those were some fine looking lines on the structures.
More strokes in this shot accompanied by the smooth arch of the convention centre.
The ferry kept sailing on until we were behind the centre, Peter and Vonny mentioned there was construction where a new wing was being developed. What will we see next? Join us next week to find out as our China journey continues!

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  1. A very dense urban environment, a contrast to the open water. Another fascinating post, thank you.