Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hong Kong Journal Day 23 Arrival at Central Wanchai

Thank goodness for Thursday! I say this because tomorrow is Friday, and also because we get to spend some time today in the wonderful city of... Hong Kong! Yes, it's that time of the week where we run off to China! I cannot tell you how much I've enjoyed sharing our memories from China, let's just say it's one of the highlights of my week, one that I look forward to very much. Thank you once again for joining in.

We were crossing Victoria Harbor, as the ferry neared the terminal at Central Wanchai we noticed the walls were in the process of being painted.
As the boat slowed down we could see people peering out of the windows.
Many watched as a worker used a long pole to pull something out of the water.
We made our way out of the boat and squeezed past the long queues of people, did I tell you the "Star" Ferry was a popular ride in Hong Kong? Lots of locals as well as tourists frequented the passenger ships, it was a convenient and reasonable way to get around, at only 2 RMB per person (30 cents Canadian) it accommodated the smallest of budgets.

As we walked down the long passageway away from the dock, I turned around and saw the advertisements below. They were promoting the China Scouting Fair at the Hong Kong Convention Centre, friends Peter and Vonny mentioned an increasing amount of trading occurred since the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997.
More commercials greeted us as we headed out of the building... 
 ... followed by more corporate signs outside, pictured below the structure of long walkways guided the passengers to various bus stations.
We decided to cross the bridge, a shot of the roads below capturing the huge building structures and the clearly painted bus stop sign.
The outlook in the other direction, there was bustling traffic everywhere in Hong Kong at any given time of the day.
Just a slight shift of the camera to the right revealed interesting looking architectural forms which we witnessed throughout our visit to this city. 
From the distance we saw the signs light up by the waterfront, a mix of English alphabets and Chinese characters denoted an international group of businesses.
The buildings on the harbor grew smaller as we walked on. 
Our attention returned to land, some amazing looking structures especially this one pictured below, it looked like an office building, how many offices do you think there are?
Once again we came upon the Hong Kong Convention Centre, I honestly could not remember a day in Hong Kong without passing this landmark!
By the centre locals and tourists gathered at the Golden Bauhinia Square, many were taking photos by the statue of the golden Bauhinia blakeana. Vonny told us about this sculpture, it was attractive from afar but at just a few feet away I could not help but marvel at its curves, such graceful contours combined with the warmest of yellow. On this delightful note I end this post, we have seen so much during our 23 days in China what will we discover next? Stay tuned next week!


  1. Thanks again Novi for sharing your experiences. About something different... I was wondering whether you will make a new wreath for this Christmas again. If so, you also have to hang the previous ones somewhere as they are so pretty. So, if no time, you have already plenty to choose from. Have a lovely December! :)

  2. Hi Minami: Thanks for stopping by! I'm not sure if I'll make any Christmas crafts this year, it's going to be a very busy December and time sure flew by this year. But I believe Christmas is in the spirit, I'm going to try my hardest to behave!