Thursday, December 15, 2011

China Diary Day 23 A Typical Day in Hong Kong

Hello hello! It's that time of the year when everyone seems to be busy with holiday preparations, lots of looking and shopping going around. Let's take a break, put your feet up and take a few moments to escape to China! I have made quite a few posts on our China trip, as a matter of fact it started in February 2009, that's almost 2 years ago. I've been so careful to make sure all photos were presented in a chronological order but so many pictures were taken during the last couple of days in Hong Kong I missed out on quite a few... Ooops!! Here are some that represented a typical day in Hong Kong, we had just left the hotel looking for lunch and stumbled upon the shopping district. The most popular item for sale were clothes and accessories, many were packed into tiny little shops like the ones below.
We were searching for our favorite noodle shop, one we had lunch and dinner a few times before, everything we tried was amazing not to mention good prices and fast service, and only a few blocks away from our hotel.
Our hungry eyes looked high and low, the whole neighborhood of shop signs and buildings of residential flats were calling out for attention. To make it worse, there was construction that added to the confusion.
Amidst the visual clutter we spotted a tailor shop, there were lots of businesses around that catered to custom fit suits.
One shop seemed out of place, an oddity in this neighborhood it was very clean and tidy everything was in its place.
There was even some electronic shops scattered about, it would be interesting to browse through some of the latest gadgets but with hungry tummies that groaned louder we forged on.
A considerable touch to calm down the construction chaos, a sign that clearly stated the dates of project commencement and completion, there was even a phone number for those who felt like complaining.
Inching along we found the yellow sign we had been looking for!
With hasty steps we headed towards it, our minds focused on the task at hand.
The small shop with the yellow banner was our haven for rice and noodle dishes, served piping hot in generous servings. They had the best spring rolls, similar to the ones in Vietnamese restaurants. Their shrimp wontons were so scrumptious in taste and texture (my mouth is watering just writing about it) everything was so delicious this cheery sign was a welcome sight in our Hong Kong travels.
We were on the road for 23 days now, looking for busy and reasonably priced joints was a daily chore, one we did not have to partake in Canada. At home eating out was limited to once a week but a couple times a day for 23 days in a row was an all time record of eating out for us!
After wolfing down beef stew and garlic sauce on pork with rice, we drank the last of our milk tea and Ovaltine. Re-energized we returned to the maze of apartment buildings and business signs.
I honestly did not know how we managed to find our way out of this chaos but somehow we were able to locate the noodle store day after day, it was a miracle. Onwards we went on this typical day in Hong Kong, what will we see next? Stay tuned to next week's China episode!


  1. What a dense city. It would make me feel very claustrophobic. Wishing you a good weekend.

  2. Hi P.K.: Hong Kong is one of the biggest cities I've been to, yes everything is very compact but like many cities there are green open spaces like Kowloon Park and places to escape to like the fishing village of Tai O. I think Hong Kong is an interesting city full of surprises.