Thursday, December 8, 2011

China Postcard Day 23 Hong Kong At Night

Welcome to this week's edition of China escape! There has been quite a few posts on this eventful Day 23 in Hong Kong, we started off wandering through the magnificent Kowloon Park, saw some wonderful paintings at the Museum of Art and crossed the Victoria Harbor on the Star Ferry. It has been quite a journey this China trip of ours, we visited several Chinese cities and found all kinds of things to see and do but spending time by the harbor in Hong Kong became a nightly pastime. We found it relaxing strolling along the walkway by the sea, watching the sky darken at the end of the day, how the buildings glittered when they lit up at night.

As we walked by the same path night after night, we noticed the same Chinese junk we had encountered a couple of nights before on this post, its characteristic red sails a dead giveaway.We watched as the ship floated past Causeway Bay, another famous Hong Kong landmark, one we often passed by and could not seem to miss during our visit.
Ahhh... the stretch of those shimmering buildings along the waterfront, combined with the smell of the salty air what a sight! We were hoping to catch another fantastic sunset but alas the sky was cloudy that night, no chance for the brilliant colors we hoped to see on this post.
 Regardless there was something quite stunning about that diamond studded structure at the end of the landscape, what was its name?
A closer view revealed a working boat anchored in front of it.
A different crop of the same area resulted in a completely different picture, I must say Hong Kong is a photographer's paradise.
The clouds dispersed and gave way to a dark blue sky, the Causeway Bay hi-rise began to shine through the darkness just as they would every night.
Below an advertisement on the face of a building played the same message for a future event, I had captured this commercial before but somehow this was a final show, it would not be long before we leave to head home to Canada. 
Despite this sad realization I still think the Samsung structure had the best glow, its simple lines and uncluttered lighting design produced an overwhelming amount of colors on the water, its dramatic tones completed the night life of Hong Kong by the water.
We took the Star Ferry across the harbor and returned to Kowloon, dinner was at a small noodle shop in Jordan. Searching for food was a daily chore when we were traveling in China, we were looking for reasonably priced but bustling joints, not an easy task to fulfill at 8:30 PM that night! Re-energized with pork wontons and shrimp dumplings we headed for the Temple Street Night Market, sorry for the absence of pictures but imagine row after row of stalls filled with cheap trinkets, purses, and t-shirts. Key chains with solar powered animation for 20RMB each (about $3 Canadian) caught our eye but we decided not to buy anything and returned to our hotel.

Back at our hotel David captured the view below from our room, he simply leaned the camera against the glass and took the pictures.
We experimented with different compositions and... 
... zoomed in to focus on different aspects.
Judging from the food Chinese character and Toys R Us logo below this seemed to be a shopping mall filled with all kinds of businesses. I remembered it was close to midnight, the stores were closed but on the street there were endless streams of pedestrians.
Our attention turned to the lights on the roof tops, they emitted an eerie glow in this shot.
Zooming out and off to one side, many lights were lit up for the night, it was time to head to bed and ready ourselves for more China adventure, see you next week!


  1. Wow, spectacular night photos!

  2. One of those cities that never sleep. The photos convey the feeling well!