Tuesday, January 31, 2012

China Diary Day 24 Hong Kong via Tram Ride

Hello Tuesday! I had such a good start last week posting early on our China trip I decided to do it again this week. I hope you don't mind, it gave me a boost in energy, plus the inspiration I needed to share some crafting posts. With this positive note in mind, let's not waste anymore time and boot off to Hong Kong!

After hanging around the Museum of History most of the afternoon we decide to do some exploration across the street, which required walking up this ramp pictured below. I honestly could not remember why we were there, I supposed the structure looked interesting, perhaps the view would be too. The walk was effortless on this graceful curve, accompanied by the lovely green roof and pink rails we reached the top in no time.The outlook through the canopy of the trees, a much different perspective than the ground level view. I like this new angle, even the air seemed much fresher at this height.
Looking down at the roads below, no traffic was passing by for just one second, a rare and eerie moment in this bustling city of Hong Kong although the peace and quiet was much appreciated.
We noticed the roads meandered through segments of green space, judicious urban planning combined nature and manmade as if they coexisted in perfect harmony, many instances of such combination were witnessed in Kowloon Park and Clearwater Bay.My eyes began to peruse the pavement, signs of human activity and development. Just as we thought there was a moment's privacy from the clutches of capitalism, my sight witnessed commercials on the ground level and higher floors, the helpless consumer was constantly targeted.
Traffic in the distance began to generate their familiar noise, at the green go vehicles began to flow from one corner to another. On their path the yellow lines caught my attention, I did not think we came across this piece of roadwork before, what was its purpose?
As cars and trucks went whizzing by, the camera zoomed in to reveal some buildings were in need of resurface work, others were covered in a mesh material to hide the ongoing construction. 
Off to the side, a completely different point of view, buildings in tip top shape. The one in the corner was covered with advertisements, so huge they were 4 times larger than the lorry truck, I could not miss them from where we stood and we were far away!
Captured here the bridge we were on, it was equipped with stairways to not one but 2 levels of shops. Shopping was not our purpose that afternoon so onwards we went towards the water to catch the Star Ferry.
While waiting for our boat, a shot of Victoria Harbor once again. It seemed this waterfront and I were involved with a love affair, I lost count of the days and nights we encountered each other, as posted here, here, and here. The ever-changing scenery completely enticed my visual senses, depending on time of day and weather conditions it could look very different. Lights began to appear on the buildings below, it must be early evening then, how time flew by on this last day of Hong Kong.
There were more dramatic shots of Causeway Bay at night but the muted colors of the setting sun that cloudy evening offered a monochromatic calm.
The Star Ferry reached Hong Kong Island in just a few minutes, we decided to take the tram from Wanchai to wherever it went, the fare was a reasonable 2 RMB per person, about 30 cents Canadian. Night fell as the route began, the first shot a blend of ruthless ads with a dining scene under the chandeliers...
... followed by a row of spotlights for a jewelry store.
The camera adjusted to the low light situation, double decker buses were prevalent wherever we went in Hong Kong, a transportation necessity for highly populated areas. I remembered riding one of those in Singapore and London, it was quite a thrill especially when you were at the top level as the bus went flying around a sharp corner!
We went pass a pile of bamboo scaffolding on the side of the road, hmm... either construction was just completed or it was about to commence.
The commercials on the side of the building looked like a fresh display, could the scaffolding be used to put them up? Questions were pondered about paper quality that withstood exterior conditions, there must be numerous pieces judging by the size of the ad but the seams were invisible, talk about quality work. Captured below, the logo for Mikimoto, a name associated with high quality cultured pearls, the kind one would be proud to keep as an heirloom, I could not remember the last time I saw one of their ads.
Sogo, another Japanese company, I recalled the grand opening of their first store made quite a splash in the papers, it made other established chains like Yaohan and Isetan a run for their money. On the side of the road numerous pedestrians waited to cross the road, it was past 7 in the evening, people were either heading home after work or starting the shift for their second or third job. 
On the other side of the road, the same scenario although the crowd was not as big as the one pictured above, just like them we were heading somewhere, where to next to be continued next week!


  1. Beautiful photos, I especially like the greenery hovering over the paved roads. The harbour is spectacular.

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