Thursday, January 12, 2012

China Journal Day 23 A Typical Day in Hong Kong Part 2 of 2

Welcome to the first post of our China trip for 2012! It's been a busy busy Holiday Season, I had to take on extra shifts to beat the Christmas and New Years rush. There was more staff and customers than usual, and more then enough energy to catapult me into the new year. Thank goodness that's all over now, I spent part of of my break cleaning up the place, donating some items to charity stores. Then there was quiet time spent with loved ones over movies and munchies, ahhh... it felt good to relax after a hectic couple of weeks. I hope everyone had a warm and joyful Holiday Season, here's to a healthy, happy and prosperous 2012!!

Let's continue our journey on this typical day in Hong Kong, I thought I'd share some of what we normally see after we left our hotel. Last week we went searching for our favorite noodle joint in the nearby shopping district, below a street sign we often stumbled upon during our Hong Kong travel. All the popular destinations were clearly pointed out, there was no need to carry a map.
Not far from the sign, the infamous Chungking Mansions, made famous in Wong Kar-wai's movie Chungking Express. While researching for places to stay we came across several interesting reivews on Trip Advisor, some comments were too colorful for us, we decided to pass for safer accommodations.
Our hotel was within walking distance to Nathan Road, previous wanderings to this area were at night and a brief daytime walk en route to Kowloon Park. We decided to take a closer look at this popular area on our last couple of days in Hong Kong. Pictured below, just steps away from Chungking Mansions, a very different outlook of downtown with classy looking buildings, much taller and neater in appearance.
The camera zoomed in to view signs for a clothing chain store, United Colors of Benetton became popular in Asia some 20 years ago. Next to it a fitness gym associated with Hong Kong actor martial arts expert Jackie Chan, this was news to us, when did he open a gym?
We walked on to stumble upon internationally renowned fashion names like Louis Vuitton...
... Fendi... 
... and Harry Winston, all had been around for ages. I could not help but notice the buildings on this stretch were very elegantly designed, there was something captivating about the cream color and dark accents, they made the area feel so chic. Check out that yellow bus ad, I was instantly drawn to its bright color, a cheerful contrast amidst all that grey. It looked like a promotion for a drink, would I feel happy and refreshing as its joyful color after consuming this beverage?
Pictured below, Valentine, a new name for me in the jewelry line, its stylish commercial added another level of sophistication to this part of town. Beneath it an advertisement for Sheraton Hotel, which suggested Perfect Dreams.
On the same street, more promotions for Perfect Stage and Perfect Wedding that marketed Sheraton Hotel as the one stop entertaining and accommodation venue, somehow the montone palette and simple layout seemed appropriate for this world-class lodging.
Amidst all the international labels there was Burberry, founded in 1856 it has seen many decades in the fashion industry and is still around today. We did not go into any of the shops, but simply passed by with a brief glance through the windows, everything looked so smart.
Another new name to me for shoes, Inniu, Italian in origin, apparently it had been around since 2003. The orange color of the sandal was striking but I did not think the unsightly feet it rested on suitable for this ad. 
Continuing on Nathan Road, we came face to face with this gigantic Omega display, the watch was much bigger than life, anyone would notice it whether they were on the road or the sidewalk.
On the other side, a look into the intricate parts inside the watch, I've always thought Omega Swiss watches are not only gracefully designed on the surface but are just as well built on the inside, their products synonymous with quality and beauty. 
The final shot for Nathan Road, a window for the House of Chanel, the suit and handbag classic feminine styles that transcended many decades. As I looked at this picture, I recalled glancing at its distinctive fabric pattern on a fashion magazine when I was little. Not too many people I know owned the Chanel merchandise but their signature products were easily recognizable.

It was lovely to spend part of our morning on Nathan Road, as friends Peter and Vonny said this stretch of roadway went on forever, we normally began our day in this location and wandered off to other locations we planned on visiting. Where will we go? The China trip is coming to an end, only a couple of posts left to go, I hope you'll continue to join us next week to see what we discover!

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