Friday, January 27, 2012

New Runner and New Flowers

Some quiet time was spent over the holidays completing some sewing projects to start off the new year. Thank goodness for the time off work, I finally had the energy to do some creative work! First off a new runner for the dresser, there was no going to the store to shop for material, all fabric used was from my stash at hand. The main pattern a maroon batik with blue rice pattern speckled all over, it looked so interesting I had to purchase all one fat quarter of it. I did run out of fabric, a purple scrap for each corner came to the rescue. The underside was not forgotten, a vintage flowery design which added a flare to the edge also functioned as a second layer.
At the end of the runner sat an elongated yellow pottery bowl, proudly purchased from my friend Vancouver potter Amy Chang. Some flowers were made to keep it company, thanks to the great instructions on this post. All steps were followed except the circle was cut into quarters instead of semi circles, this allowed the flowers to have more petals with less ruffles in the material. The final touch were some wooden buttons from my collection, 3 second hand items were given a new life!

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