Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Tablecloths and Coverings

A new runner for the dresser
command some sort of covering
for the bedside table too,
one that protects the wood
from daily objects like the lamp
and the alarm. A soothing
pattern was chosen, seaweed-like
waves stirring gently about
in deep calm waters.

But the light on the alarm
display was too bright,
a request was made to sew
another covering for it too.
So the dedicated partner went
into her fabric stash once
again and produced a double
sided piece, angled shapes of
complementing colors on one
side, horizontal blues on the other.

But wait! The sewing projects
continue, the dining table would
like a new cloth too, so back to
the crafting table, the sewing
machine worked its magic and
produced yet another piece.
A mesmerizing interlocking
circles of various tones that
camouflage dining spots all too well,
now someone will have to do
something about that 80's chair
cover, the sewing projects never ends...

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