Sunday, February 12, 2012

Andrew's Monster

Hello Sunday! How is everybody doing today? As promised here is the published second book I completed last year! Andrew's Monster proved to be quite a bit more challenging than Her Beef Stew, although the subject matter gave me plenty of ideas, I wanted the illustrations to focus on different facial expressions and a good variety of body language. Issues on room lighting were resolved with complementary yellow and purple wall colors. The monster's furry shape was ironed out, care was taken to visualize a creature that was recognizable but not too frightful.

I followed the same illustration process as Her Beef Stew, the story was read, concepts sketched out and refined, then drawings were traced onto watercolor paper. Acrylics were used as well, one color was applied to each illustration at a time. In the end the project took longer than the first book, a total of 5 months were taken to complete 13 illustrations. It was not easy juggling painting time with a new job I started last year, I was working for 13 hours straight on some days, other days meant painting for 10 hours. But perseverance ruled the day and now I have accomplished my second book, one that shows a higher illustration skill set.

Pictured below are the cover and some pages from the book, they are 8" x 8" or 20 cm x 20 cm. I do not have any Andrew's Monster for sale at this time, however I am extremely grateful for the support and sales I received for my first book. Thank you for the courage and inspiration that allowed me to carry on with my illustration projects.

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  1. Congratulations! The book looks fabulous. I admire your focus considering you have a job and had to juggle illustrating a book. Cheers.