Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hong Kong Journal Day 24 Tram Ride at Night

Welcome to our China trip this Tuesday! Last week ended with some sunshine, the cheery rays brought out more people than usual, it even made some customers smile a bit brighter. I hope the sun returns for the rest of the week, and I hope you'll stay to join us as we continue on our last day in Hong Kong. We visited and saw many things during the one week visit but friends Peter and Vonny suggested the tram ride would be interesting too, so rode the tram from Wanchai we did, let's see what we find!

Pictured below the view from inside the car, we were on the second and topmost level, most seats were occupied, just like other evenings many pedestrians were on the street.
I turned my head to see another tram traveling next to us, at such close proximity we could make out the signs that announced no smoking, food and drinks on board, standing was also not allowed.
The camera's attention shifted back to the streets, like the bus the tram route covered several neighborhoods, from what I remembered the speed was similar too. Outside we noticed a furniture store, there was no room to display their products, chairs of every imaginable size and design were cramped into its tiny floor space. Down the street there were several more shops just like this, we must have stumbled upon the furnishings district.
Moving along the path we came to a hair salon, next to it a fruit store, a lady was seated outdoors watching over her business, the temperature was humidly warm that evening. 
Below a shop sign covered in red cloth with Chinese characters, it seemed bolder than the rest, was this a grand opening? Off to the left a DBS branch, there was one down the street from where we lived in Singapore, their tellers were so efficient queues disappeared in seconds even though they reached the door. 
As the tram traveled into the night we came across a familiar sight throughout our Hong Kong travel, row after row and column after column of flats, majority of Hong Kongers live in high-rise such as these.
We arrived at a section of gigantic ads, these were obviously targeted at transit riders and not at street pedestrians as we could see it clearly from our seats. 
A row of jewellery stores was part of the tram route, apparently there were many jewellery districts in Hong Kong, it must be an extremely competitive business. 
Captured below at the top of the photo a pedestrian walkway, many of them were located throughout the city, I like the idea of crossing the street without disrupting ongoing traffic.
A Chinese herbal medicine store that also sold dried goods, next to it a fruit and vegetables shop, check out the baskets of produce piled down that little alley!
An empty street, a rare quiet moment with no cars or traffic...
... but just as you thought you had the space to yourself a tram went whizzing by...
... followed by a few more buses and taxis, then people came out of nowhere. Our tram was stopped for some reason, perhaps to pick up more passengers...
... then the lights changed to allow pedestrians to cross, there were sure lots of people out and about that evening, it was after all just 7:30 PM. On the road the tram lane was clearly marked...
... but it appeared cabs and buses could use it too. As the tram rode on we noticed lots of commercials along the route, various products were advertised in English and Chinese.
Numerous persons lined the streets, where was everyone heading to? 
We became aware of the people in the ads, they appeared much larger than life and seemed to be aspiring towards something hopeful, women appeared more beautiful with a flawless complexion.
On the double decker bus next to us, there were more happy smiling people, it seemed humans were living a carefree lifestyle in the commercial world.
Traffic headed the opposite way came to complete stop, vehicles were cramped together on both lanes, was this a congestion? I recalled traveling through major Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai, rush hour would start as early as 3 PM and would not end until past 10 PM.
My attention focused on the road, every vehicle conceivable heading this way and that, then I spotted the curve, it was quite confusing, I was glad someone else was driving. 
I felt a lot better when there were straight lines like the ones below, directions were much clearer.
I like the part where we went under the bridge, it seemed we were traveling into the future on a superhighway. 
The tram headed into the night into a maze of neon signs, all those bright colors and flashing characters I like this part too! 
We had no idea where the route ended up, we took the first tram that came by and after some time decided to stop at a place called North Point. It looked interesting, however exactly where we were we did not know, with so many people wandering about we felt safe to explore.
David pointed out we should take some pictures of the tram to commemorate our first tram ride in Hong Kong.
So many of them went by, every single one of them had a different advertisement or design on it, they all looked very unique and picture worthy but this one with Lucky Brand Jeans was the winner! Its 70's color and retro artwork immediately captured my attention.
Wow! If it looked this good at night what about the daytime!! I love the font and the rays that emerged from the headline, this must be some kind of magic pants bet I would feel at the top of the world if I wore one. We stayed for a while to watch it zoomed past and headed towards the residential area, what will we discover... the China adventure to be continued next week! 

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  1. This is the best tram ride ever. Fabulous photos.