Thursday, March 29, 2012

Making Thursday: Earrings Project

It all started with the weather, Mister Sun decided to show himself on Sunday lighting up my little studio. What a difference the bit of sunshine made, everything seemed so much brighter and somehow a flash of inspiration struck. In the closet, 2 boxes of beading supplies sat untouched for who knows how long. The turquoise dyed howlite was purchased about the same time as the orange speckled plastic bead and the clear quartz. I've always liked the combination but didn't know how to combine them all. The idea of an earring came to me that sunny morning, a piece of sterling silver wire that was just the right length was cleaned and bent into shape. Some little fiery glass seeds and a bugle bead was added for the tiniest of details and voila, the first pair of earrings was born.

I was so excited about this creation I immediately got dressed and after a quick bite of peanut butter sandwich with milk, stormed down the hill wearing my new jewellery. The destination was to a little bead shop I had discovered earlier in the week. A yellow resin bead caught my eye but it was not until the discovery of the carved bone round and another green/brown resin did the design fell into place. Enthusiastic about this beginning I raced back up the hill, at home I rummaged through my bead collection and found a couple of Swarovski crystals that showed off the right amount of sparkle. I ended up wearing this second set the rest of the weekend, on Tuesday and also today.

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