Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making Thursday: Woof! Woof!

Last week I proclaimed Thursday to be making day, nothing much came of it other than a few sketches in the sketchbook. This week there was more determination to create something useful, something joyful. It was a good thing I didn't head out which I was planning to. Earlier in the day it was sunny and I was just about to drop laundry washing altogether to head downtown when the skies got dark all of a sudden and then it started to hail, trees were shaking about rather violently. With a deep sigh I continued with the laundry... talk about a swift change of weather.

You see I had plans, big plans for all those clothes I bought when I was thrift shopping some moons ago. A sweater with jolly stripes took my fancy at the time, and it still did when I was re-organizing my closet over the weekend. A doll or an animal of some sort was what I had in mind, a few drawings later led to a fox shape. While refining the form on a larger piece of paper, the conclusion was a dog.

The pattern was retraced onto another paper, half an inch of seam allowance was added, 2 pieces of fabric were cut out and most of the afternoon was spent sewing to the sounds of Radio 2, Julie Nesrallah and Tom Allen, as well as the pitter and patter of freezing rain against the window. Classic tunes turned to jazzy, vintage tracks and stitch by stitch the needle went around the textile, until it was finally time to stuff the dog and... Stripy the Wonder Dog was born. Woof! Woof! Take that bad weather!

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  1. What a sweet doggy. I adore crafting like this, though I do not possess the craft gene. My current favourite colours by the way. Cheers.