Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Mexico Postcard Day 3 En Route to Red Canyon

Hello Tuesday! How is everyone doing today? The little bit of sunshine that appeared over the weekend has now gone and Miss Weather has returned to rain. Relentless rain I called it, the kind that went on and on, not knowing when all that grey and wet would stop. There is nothing one can do about it, the sun will return soon enough, instead of waiting around let's all escape to another episode of... the road trip to New Mexico!

Day 3 started out with an exciting morning at Salt Lake City, there was a brief visit to Salt Lake Temple and a most delicious lunch at Rancherito's. Tummies filled with beef fajitas prepared in authentic Mexican style we headed towards Red Canyon, our destination of the day. The highway was quick to take us out of the city and soon we were back to the wide open country. Not a lot went on during this part of the road, there was only a few cars, absent was also the clear blue skies and the high sun we saw on Day 1 and Day 2. Colors were more subdued, even the contour shapes on this cloudy forecast appeared softer as seen below. I am always partial to saturated tones but the muted hills with the splash of wildflower lemon in this view was a delight.
A pull away from the camera revealed a grander scene, thoughts of what it would be like to wander about the meadow under the big sky was soon replaced with...
... the weather prediction for the day. The radio announced rain and a good chance of a thunderstorm, notions of what this would be like for camping outdoors did not deter us, we had come all this way to indulge in something different, a little bit of water was not going to get us down. We came prepared with rain gear and clothing for all kinds of weather, we knew the blue skies would not last long.
With this realistic conclusion the camera began to focus on the river by the side of the road. This was the first time we came across a stream, in the background cultivated plains against strong standing mountains, what a magnificent sight.
Back on the road a different outlook, the sage green against that tan yellow combined with contrasting bits of dark olive, components of a desert palette. 
I just think this part of North America is an artist's paradise, would you look at those hues created by Mother Nature, no artificial medium could recreate those exact colors but they were sure inspiring. 
Everywhere we looked we were entertained by tones that were joyously singing despite the growing dark clouds.
Only one shot of a farm scene on this drive, agriculture was not as common as they were in the previous states of Washington and Idaho. Hay bales and a tractor left out on the field that Monday, no one had returned to work on that September long weekend.
Back to inspiration lane, a photo of graphic forms created by Mother Nature, a triangular hillside sat on cadmium yellow bar, this could be a poster in itself.
A completely different view, a lonely tree stood against the backdrop of windswept clouds, a painting idea perhaps?
The grass covered land continued on, only to be met by a fence and some low lying sheds, another picture concept came to mind.
Pastel hillside in cool fades complemented warm desolate grounds, the illustration suggestions were endless.
Our attention returned to the road ahead, at posted speeds of 85 miles / 137 kilometers an hour, everything around us were changing dramatically... 
... the landscape that was made up of tall golden grass transformed to tan colored terrains speckled with bushes of lime and sage green.
A few kilometers away a plateau appeared on the horizon, the curve ideal for a sculpture or pottery shape, with so many visual treasures found my heart was filled with gratitude.
Over the horizon the clouds continued to gather, the little car drove into the grey. As if to return my appreciation Mother Nature rewarded us with 2 very different outlooks on each side of the freeway. On the right thick, long grass that resembled the shaggiest of carpets.
On the left, rolling hills in various shades of beige to green. 
In the distant the river we noticed earlier on reappeared, it had broadened and was closer to the road, colors of disturbed water this greenish gray fit right into the earth tone palette of this gorgeous land. 
Scenery after scenery the countryside was constantly evolving, I am simply out of words and could only stare with content as I sat here releasing a peaceful sigh.
The dark clouds urged us on, what kind of weather were we driving ourselves into?
A distraction from the current climate, a most interesting looking ridge, not single but triple colored shades, which somehow went together so well. This was the first time I saw something like this.
A hint of reddish earth captured below, a clue of what was to come but there would be many more miles ahead. Our New Mexico adventure will continue next week!


  1. Spectacular landscape, the colours are incredible, what a palette!

  2. You have captured the essence of the road trip. Very seductive and unknowing, both hands on the wheel.