Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Mexico Road Trip Arriving in Oregon Day 1 Part 2 of 2

Hello Tuesday! Welcome to a brand new series of midweek escape where we head off to... New Mexico! We decided to explore a new territory last September and New Mexico was given the undisputed vote. Last week we kicked off the series with the first morning of our road trip, after getting up at the ungodly hour of 4:20 AM, many hours of driving followed. As the highway rode on, the barren mountains gradually turned to ochre hills, some grassy plains began to appear when we neared Oregon. We had ridden through the state of Washington in just half a day. But more miles were still ahead, below the pale blue sky and its complementary sandy turf that were continuous companions along the way.
Sometimes the odd structure would appear, the simple shape a futuristic and solid appearance, was this a storage shed?
Out of the blue large green circles came to sight, they were kept apart by a patch of lifeless sod. It seemed very strange to trim the crop in such a manner, I don't think I've seen anything like this before.
A golden shade of straw became visible across the blue horizon, faint outlines in the distant indicated more wind turbines. The landscapes looked so different than the ones back home, we were growing accustomed to the new colors and were enjoying this fresh outlook. 
A row of power poles were next in line to greet us, I couldn't remember if there were lots on Interstate 84, but they would pop up when we neared a city or town. These ones had 3 sets of arms attached to the pillar, it instantly reminded me of an insect, particularly the kind that resembled a stick. 
Each limb held onto a power line, fine looking wires transported energy to homes in that region, exactly how far it went and how many residences it powered I do not know. Was the electricity generated from the wind turbines we saw earlier on? 
"Lambs in the field!" I exclaimed loudly as the car whizzed by a farm, other livestock we came across so far were cows and horses, were the animals for meat, milk or yarn?
We followed a very shiny truck, one of the cleanest I ever saw, judging by its roaring engine I think it was full and on its way to deliver the diary goods. 
A lot of pastures still yielded the year's crop but this one was harvested and tilled, my olfactory organs sensed it was fertilized and ready for the next growing season.
Another granary by the route, we discovered several earlier on. Below an old-fashioned construction made of wood, a rare but welcome sight on this trip, how many of them still existed?
Yellow wildflowers grew in abundance, its delightful tint a contrast to the faint hue of lavender in the distance, what kind of produce was cultivated there?
The road drove on, the edges changed from a profuse green to a tawny sod. The car followed another vehicle with 2 bikes, we were not the only ones that were planning to explore the outdoors, I could not wait until we arrived at our desired location.
Brown hills ahead, it amazed me how the terrain could look so alike yet with very different features. 
As the camera changed its angle the scenery evolved dramatically, lower lying slopes in all kinds of hazel, it did not matter where I looked, all the various sights were so enchanting.
We headed into the blue, the afternoon was soon coming to an end... 
... a decision had to be made as to which campground we would spend the night, our options were either Emigrant Springs State Heritage Area or Farewell Bend State Park.
One last shot of the camel colored lawn before putting the camera away, a suggestion was made to choose the further one but our tired and hungry souls cried out for the closer destination.
So Emigrant Springs it was, we arrived at around 7 PM, some campsites were occupied, others reserved but we managed to find a decent spot amongst the trees pictured below. As the evening sun set the tent was quickly set up, dinner was instant noodles with snacks of dried apricots, peanuts and pretzels. Not the best of meals as we did not stop for groceries that day, David pointed out an Albertsons, the only food store we saw but I was too busy looking up directions to hear him.

Dishes were done by a torchlight in the dark and as the campground quietened down at about 10 AM we snuggled wearily into the sleeping bags. We were glad to have made it this far in just 13 hours of driving. Sleep was slow to come with anxious thoughts of tomorrow's travel plans. The temperature was also cold at 4 degrees celsius and situated next to the freeway, the traffic was sure noisy. Despite constant tossing and turning I managed to get some rest, there would be lots of road to cover the coming day, what new discoveries will we make? Our New Mexico adventure will be continued next week!

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  1. The big sky in these photos is full of freedom and joy felt at the beginning of a holiday! :)