Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Making Tuesday: A Trio of Necklaces

Hello this grey and humid Tuesday! As promised from last week's post more necklaces will be shared today. The first a muted blue grey dotted with golden resin, orange coral and turquoise. Pale green fluorite and soft lavender ceramic beads were added to tone down the colorful mix, the odd Swarovski crystal gave a bit of sparkle. Also incorporated were seed beads of neon pink, tossed in for a bit of fiery but cheerful surprise, the result a variation of colors and shapes throughout this piece.

The second necklace a much deeper coloration than the first, its hues of dark greens and blues reminiscent of peacock feathers. I could not get enough of the Swarovski crystals thus included were twinkling amethyst, emerald and deep grey sapphire. To warm up the cool tones, rich earthy jasper and amber resin were mixed in, this simple neckpiece went well with a lot of my darker t-shirts.

The last necklace started off with a focal crystal tear drop. I wanted to make something completely different, somehow this led to silver bugles paired with lapis lazuli, more crystals and more seed beads in neon shades of various kinds. I just think the end product reminded me of the eighties.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making Tuesday: A Tale of Two Necklaces

Hello... Tuesday! Just dropping in to say hello after some silence on my blog. A quick recount of the last 2 months, April started off with a last minute trip out of town to see some family, upon my return a cold bug forced me into resting and taking it easy for a while. Many days of wet and grey haunted the month of May, thus several hours was spent indoors crafting away in my studio.

What did I make? Well... it all started with a closet cleaning mission earlier in the year, where boxes of beads collected some 20 years ago were discovered. A brief rummage revealed a creative possibility and one afternoon later the pale green fluorite with jasper, turquoise and coral necklace was born. Heavier and longer than any neckpiece I normally wear, it turned out to be a good accompaniment to many of my older shirts, including some newer ones. I admit I have worn it a few times, the shapes a mix of cubes and tubes, its soft earth tones inspired by the colors encountered on our New Mexico road trip.

The other chain started off with a purchase of white coral bugles at a newly opened bead store last year. After the completion of the first piece I was motivated to make another, one with the same merriment. Brighter hues of golden resin mingled with sea green amazonite, red and orange coral of various irregular forms accented the entire length. It even utilized some handmade ceramic rounds and hand carved bone beads, an additional personal touch to an already unique creation. More and more items were included until all the white coral bugles were used up, its total length came to 28 inches, the longest piece I ever made. I have yet to debut this necklace in public, as I do with other works, more to be shared on future making posts!