Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Making Tuesday: Summer Blanket

A continuation of Saturday's post, here is the final product, a summer blanket in all its glory! Made of the softest second hand men's shirts in blues and browns, some bright squares of new fabric were thrown in as well. The backing, a soft pale blue cotton were folded twice around the edges to give it a good border. The entire blanket was machine quilted in straight stitches, I am a fairly new quilter, past projects did not finish as well as this. The summer blanket is well received on cool evenings when the sun has set

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Making Saturday: Fabric Squares on the go

Dropping in this warm Saturday evening to say Hello! Some fabric squares laid out on the couch, what am I making? Any guesses?

It is somewhat difficult to concentrate in this heat but thanks to 2 fans on the go we are keeping cool. Stay tuned Tuesday for the finished product!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Making Tuesday: Feet Cushions for the Coffee Table

The hunt for a coffee table kept us on the trail for the last couple of years. With high requirements for practicality and a small budget, the search ended just 2 weekends ago. The tiled surface allowed for casual placements of food and drinks, there was even a shelf that housed remote controls, a tissue box, pens and pads. Its measurements were near perfect, longer in length and lower in height than the old table, it quickly served as an ottoman. But a much softer resting ground for tired feet was needed, which led to a speedy sewing project that very same weekend. In just 2 hours the green on green cushions were completed, created in the same Batik fabric used in the couch cushions they are a welcome addition to the living room.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Making Thursday: Hallway Banner

A continuation from Tuesday's
post, today the finished project:
banner for the hallway... Tah Dah!

The newly painted teal wall was
one source of inspiration, the
other came from a recent movie

If you haven't seen it,
you must, for it told of a
most wonderful journey in
the exotic land of India. But
somewhere along the story
line, there appeared the
umbrella in the courtyard.
Its faded fabric had seen
better days but I could not
take my eyes off it. As I
went about the rest of the night
preparing for next day's work,
the idea of the hallway
banner came to light.

The shape was quickly
sketched out, the making was
swift, the banner now hung
at the end of our hallway,
a companion to two
wooden Bali heads.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Making Tuesday: Mystery Project

Hi Hi! It has been very grey and rainy for this past long weekend. Hopes for enjoying the outdoors this Canada Day were dashed when we found out about the weather. But all was not lost, tons of unfinished projects commanded some indoor attention, like this one which has been brewing in my head for quite some time. Careful selection of fabric colors were involved, then there was some sewing and cautious snipping around the edges. What am I making... Any guesses? Check back Thursday for the finished result!