Thursday, July 5, 2012

Making Thursday: Hallway Banner

A continuation from Tuesday's
post, today the finished project:
banner for the hallway... Tah Dah!

The newly painted teal wall was
one source of inspiration, the
other came from a recent movie

If you haven't seen it,
you must, for it told of a
most wonderful journey in
the exotic land of India. But
somewhere along the story
line, there appeared the
umbrella in the courtyard.
Its faded fabric had seen
better days but I could not
take my eyes off it. As I
went about the rest of the night
preparing for next day's work,
the idea of the hallway
banner came to light.

The shape was quickly
sketched out, the making was
swift, the banner now hung
at the end of our hallway,
a companion to two
wooden Bali heads.  


  1. Very interesting, unique decoration! You can be sure, nobody else has one exactly the same. The blues go well with the wall on the left. Interesting combination, the Bali heads are somewhat serious and these "flags" are joyful and happy. But somehow, also thanks to the blue wall, they complement each other in a very special way. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for this insightful observation. It's interesting to know how other people see and react to your work. I didn't quite know why the 3 elements (Bali heads, banner and wall) went well together, I questioned it in my head many times before making the banner but there was no stopping the process and now I know why. Thank you for the explanation!