Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making Tuesday: A Watercolor Pair

Hello Tuesday! This week started out with plenty of grey and lots of rain... but there was a bit of sunshine on Sunday that brought about some Novi creation. On the table sat a new pad of Opus Finest Watercolor Paper and an old set of watercolors. A couple of pencil sketches were made, which led to more detailed drawings with a fine tip permanent marker. Colors were quickly mixed and painted on, layers of detail soon followed. It was not long until 2 paintings were completed, the first a set of 3 seashells, obtained from the shores of Indonesia almost 2 decades ago. The second a collection of stones from a recent camping trip, all of them oval shaped.

I've forgotten how simple it was to paint with watercolors, I think the last time was close to 2 decades ago. I remembered enjoying the process back then, and on Saturday I quite liked the way the project came along. So we wonder, will there be more watercolor paintings?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making Thursday: Briny the Studio Fish

After Stripy the Wonder Dog was created, he was quickly shipped off to a far away land and was well received by a loving family. Though it felt good to know something so simple brought about such joy, I miss him dearly. I could not get my mind off those orange and blue stripes on that thrifted sweater I used, something will have to be done.

No pattern was used, everything was roughed out with a white thread and running stitches, shapes cut out with a sharp scissors. Before long, a needle was sewing blanket stitches all around the elliptical form, fins were attached as it went along and an old button was sewn on for an eye. A few running stitches in dark red and... Briny the Studio Fish was born!

She sat relaxed in the corner bookshelf, not much has been going on in the studio for the past few months, not personal projects anyways. Will there be some Novi creating time this coming week, she wonders?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making Wednesday: A Summer Necklace

A summer necklace on a not so summery day, a continuation of posts on jewellery. This was made a few months ago, inspired by the colors of the Chinese Emperor's robe. At the bead store I was attracted to a strand of oily jade, its shade an almost greenish yellow. It found its place amongst bits of coral, turquoise, yellow resin and various glass beads, the main focus a crystal quartz. A light piece worn many time this summer with purples and greys.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Follow the White Rabbit

A BIG Hello to all!! I admit it has been quiet for quite some time on my blog but I have not forgotten about you. There has been a lot of going and not a whole lot of stopping. There has been some changes, but all good. Today a huge hurdle was overcome, let it be known I have no control whatsoever in the end result, so I let it rest and move forward.

I say hello with my new soap dish, acquired some time ago at a dollar store in Chinatown. I could not resist it's simple shape, not to mention the ears! Its snout lifts the soap up and keeps it dry, every time I soap my hands the eyes peek out at me.

A short post today, but I have more posts planned for the rest of the week. Until then, follow the white rabbit!