Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making Thursday: Briny the Studio Fish

After Stripy the Wonder Dog was created, he was quickly shipped off to a far away land and was well received by a loving family. Though it felt good to know something so simple brought about such joy, I miss him dearly. I could not get my mind off those orange and blue stripes on that thrifted sweater I used, something will have to be done.

No pattern was used, everything was roughed out with a white thread and running stitches, shapes cut out with a sharp scissors. Before long, a needle was sewing blanket stitches all around the elliptical form, fins were attached as it went along and an old button was sewn on for an eye. A few running stitches in dark red and... Briny the Studio Fish was born!

She sat relaxed in the corner bookshelf, not much has been going on in the studio for the past few months, not personal projects anyways. Will there be some Novi creating time this coming week, she wonders?


  1. Stripy the Wonder DogNovember 9, 2012 at 1:28 PM

    Stripy the Wonder Dog sends his warmest regards! He is currently cuddled by a half a year old baby on daily basis. Thanks again dear Novi!

    1. Hello to Stripy the Wonder Dog! You're welcome. You sure are lucky to be so loved!!