Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making Tuesday: A Watercolor Pair

Hello Tuesday! This week started out with plenty of grey and lots of rain... but there was a bit of sunshine on Sunday that brought about some Novi creation. On the table sat a new pad of Opus Finest Watercolor Paper and an old set of watercolors. A couple of pencil sketches were made, which led to more detailed drawings with a fine tip permanent marker. Colors were quickly mixed and painted on, layers of detail soon followed. It was not long until 2 paintings were completed, the first a set of 3 seashells, obtained from the shores of Indonesia almost 2 decades ago. The second a collection of stones from a recent camping trip, all of them oval shaped.

I've forgotten how simple it was to paint with watercolors, I think the last time was close to 2 decades ago. I remembered enjoying the process back then, and on Saturday I quite liked the way the project came along. So we wonder, will there be more watercolor paintings?

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