Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making Tuesday: Personal Critique

Hello Tuesday! It is now cool and cloudy but not raining, there is some brightness, at least I'd like to think the sun is trying to peak through, the weather is quite enjoyable at the moment.

There has been a few posts on watercolor paintings, I used to paint in watercolors ages ago but they made a comeback recently for no apparent reason. I thank you again for your lovely comments on the paintings, they are much appreciated and very encouraging. But truth to the matter, not all the paintings were as successful as the ones posted.

After the creation of Gingko Biloba Leaves, I got into my head that every painting after that would be better, better in what way I do not know. This added some undesired pressure which made it difficult to get the creative process going. The piece below is the first of my idle attempts, I wanted the leaf to be bright like the ginko biloba, but it turned out too flashy and unreal. Due to the lighting situation its shadow was unrealistic, though the dark blue outlines of the shell was quite good, the painting turned out looking rather disjointed.

The second effort was an oak leaf, I tried so hard to match the colors the effort took too long and by the end there was little energy spent on the shadow, the result was unfavorable.

One more go at a different oak leak, the midrib was a most awkward shape... I didn't bother finishing the piece!

So why do I show these paintings? Because art is a learning process, it is important to move past the fruitless trials and strive forward. If I had not done this, Of Land and Sea would not have existed. This is something I find very interesting about the creative affair, I like the possibility of gaining knowledge and new skills each time I work on a project. And on this note, I bid you farewell and see you next week!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Making Wednesday: Of Land and Sea

And Stone and Shell. My latest watercolor adventure, just 2 small pieces of memories collected from a past visit to the beach, the colors in the painting are more vibrant than the real objects. I had fun choosing the shades but the final detail was in the dots, which were at first plain brown tones, then afterwards painted over in orange and greenish blue in some parts.

It is very gray and wet here, and has been for the past few days. On some days the wind blew so hard I don't think there are any leaves left on the trees. I am missing the sunny days at the beach. Painting size 5" x 6.5" or 12 cm x 16 cm.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my watercolor posts. I hope there is warmth and sunshine wherever you are. XOXO

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Making Tuesday: Ginkgo Biloba Leaves

In the neighborhood where George lives all the trees were shedding their leaves, including a Ginkgo biloba tree. It stood there in the rain, amongst its fallen companions, all of them bright yellow and cheery despite the grey weather. "We've got to collect some of them on our way home," I said to Dave, and that was what we did after a leisurely visit with our friend George.

I took a good look at my little collection when we got home, fresh and fertile from the rain water, they lay drying on a piece of tissue. I've always liked their shape and I wanted to paint them right away, but it was only after a few days before there was enough time. By then, the leaves had shrivelled up a bit but the golden hue remained with hints of green and deep orange. It took about 2 hours for the painting to complete, extra attention was spent to include all the colors I saw, but the final detail was in the shadows, soon as that was added the painting was complete. Size is 7.5" x 11".

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Making Wednesday: Watercolor Lichen Pair

Another watercolor pair created the same way as last week's set of 2, the painting subject some lichen I had collected on one of our camping trips. I found the outlines of the delicate plant matter challenging to decipher, quite a bit of time was spent simplifying the intricate puzzle of tiny branches. More hours were devoted to color exploration, a few combinations were not what I had envisioned but perseverance ruled the day. I like the blue. Painting size 4.5" x 4.5".