Monday, December 23, 2013

Wishing for a White Christmas Part 2 of 2

Continuing my walk along the snow
laden trails, red berries covered
in white. Look! Christmas ornaments
on a living tree! Branches with
dried berries weighed down
by the snow, more branches
drooped under the mass. A
few people were shovelling
the sidewalks and driveways,
some were walking their dogs,
others were out taking pictures.
Everyone was in a joyful
mood, we waved and greeted
one another. It is rare to
see such weather here in
Vancouver, the night brought out
the downtown lights in the distance.

Wishing everyone a warm and Merry Christmas!
Health and Happiness for the New Year!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Day of Snow Part 1

The white fluffs fell from the
sky throughout the night, by
morning just about everything
was covered in a blanket of
snow. What was once familiar
looked completely different in
the neighborhood. I just
thought it made everything look
so pretty, be it the crane or
the lonely bush on the lawn.

Accented by the snow, the
branches of the faraway
trees looked so refined,
shapes of evergreen varieties
became more prominent.
The atmosphere peaceful and
quiet, I continued my journey
into the winter wonderland.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Making Saturday: Treetop Angel Part 4 of 4

The last post on Christmas decorations,
the last piece of felted ornament
I made for the tree that first year
of Christmas. An angel, not a star
or Santa, we got to have an angel
that sits at the top of the tree.

She started out with
a body form, then a dress was
made, later on wings appeared
complete with wire support.
Embroidery thread became her
hair, her halo a mixture of ribbon,
stars and thread. The light so bright
her hair was almost blond. More
stars on her dress, sewn onto
the fabric one star at a time, she
was a lot of work, took me
weeks to complete her. Her
hands held together in prayer,
eyes watching over all beings.

Year after year she sat at the
top piece of branch, she would be
the last decoration that would adorn
the Christmas tree. As if she wasn't
pretty enough, beads were added
a few years ago, I could not help it,
she needed more shine! Beads
defined and accented the outline
 of the feathers on her wings.

Do you believe in angels?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Making Friday: Felt Tree Ornaments Part 3

Hello hello Friday! Some Christmas
decorations shared earlier in the week,
today a continuation of more
ornaments, these ones made of felt.

A polar bear, I got to have a
polar bear, I live in Canada
after all, so a polar bear was born.
A simple shape traced onto
two pieces of beige colored felt,
inside a thin piece of cotton, layers
held together with blanket stitch.

We got to have elves I later decided,
for elves are Santa's little helpers.
So elves appeared, hanging for dear
life onto a string, there were five of them
all different colors. I want their pointed hats!

The wooly mammoths came next,
I don't know where the idea came from
somehow I wanted some kind of warm
fuzzy creatures for the tree. Their bodies
crocheted with the fluffiest of yarn,
eyes of flattened beads. In my
head they sing all kinds of Christmas
tunes, no baaing. I made three of them,
they all have bells around their necks.

Last but not least for today's post,
the toy soldier sitting on a giant
musical note, in his hands a pair
of cymbals, striking in rhythm
alongside the wooly mammoths
as they sang joyful tunes.

Wishing everyone a Happy Weekend!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Making Thursday: Tree Decorations Part 2

Onwards we continue with more
handmade decorations for the tree:
A crocheted blue star made by
Dave's mom for our first Christmas,
there were others in different colors.

More stars, this time small paper
ones in all kinds of festive shades,
all grouped together in a teardrop.
I lost count how many were
created, my fingertips were
numb, good instructions here.

A string of origami cranes,
symbols of peace, quite simple
to do with pretty results, some
were given away as presents.

A mini wreath decorated with straw
ribbons, berries and eucalyptus leaves.
A tassel from Dave's mom, her
crafting circle kept her busy.

An origami ball, this one
a kusudama venus, a treasure
some years ago, the colors
and technique caught my eye.

A beaded snowflake made by me
years ago when I had more patience,
one bead at a time strung onto
a single beading thread, I honestly
am amazed at this level of detail,
some real math went on in there.

Back to simplicity! A gingerbread
man, something we all understand,
acrylic paints on plaster mould
crafts everyone can do! A
crocheted angel fabricated
by my hands, it was careful
work with lots of counting of
stitches. A cross-stitch snowman
on a sled by Dave's mom,
cross-stitch is her specialty.

A small wreath similar to the
one above, there were several
made but each one with a
slightly different design. How
about a ring made of store
bought candies? Line the
sweets onto a sheet of
plastic wrap, space them
apart evenly and roll it up.
Add red yarn between each
candy and you're done!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Making Wednesday: Christmas Ornaments Part 1

Excitement brewed in the dining
room where the Christmas tree went
up, the same old tree that was
first assembled some 18 years ago.
Most decorations were handmade,
I make some every year, although
I did miss some recent years
the tree was getting heavy.

A snowflake for an introduction,
clear bugle glass beads strung
onto a thin wire one bead
at a time, it was tedious work,
several were made not
one snowflake was alike.

A paper wrapped styrofoam ball
decorated with berries of various red,
golden pinecones and sheer ribbons.
Who would've thought a styrofoam
ball could look so glamorous?
Its neighbor a ceramic reindeer,
a purchase from DeeKayTee Farm,
I like its sweet simple shape.

Another reindeer, can't do
without Rudolf, he is a must!!
Made of pompoms and ears
created from pipe cleaners,
complete with a bow and
a golden bell he looked on
handsomely at…

The hippie angel.
Oh the hippie angel began with
just a head and a plain dress,
no hair to speak of she sat
year after year on the tree
until a refurbish attempt some
moons ago. Stars and beads
adorned her skirt, there was
even a double bow for wings.
She has to have braids I
decided, for spirits that are free
and full of soul often do.
Green shiny eyes and a halo
doubling as a hanging wire
she is complete, ready to
brighten up a corner of
the Christmas tree.

More decorations to come!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Leaves of a Different Kind

The weather outside was frightful
temperatures were freezing for
about a week, but rest assured
we are back to rain, thankfully.

Inside a different kind of leaf
is casting a most remarkable shadow...

Looking forward to a weekend!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Leaf Stains on the Pavement

Leaf stains on the
pavement everywhere I go,
subtle shapes muted
around the edges, some
darker than the rest,
others lighter creating an
overall pattern of where the
actual leaves used to be.

The rain saturated
their colors, I could
not help but take
a few shots, capturing
their brief existence
on the concrete.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Making Tuesday: Coasters for the Kitchen

Coasters for the kitchen
made from fabric scraps
leftover from all those
projects. Pieces for the
front and back were carefully
chosen. Their inner layers
created from old flannel
pajamas, carefully trimmed
to get 3 perfect squares
which were then pinned
and sewn together.
The final touch, some
strings of silk purchased
from a local weaving studio,
earth red and turquoise
colors secured all the layers
together, machine washed
and dried they are ready to use.
Coaster size are 9" x 9".

Monday, December 2, 2013

Blue Skies Ahead

Warm sun on my face
high of thirteen degrees
yesterday, looking up
to the puffs of clouds
subsiding, clearing away
for the blue blue skies.
Have a great week friends!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Leaves on the Pavement

Leaves on the pavement
that were there a month ago
are all gone I checked
recently. A man
equipped with a broom
was hastily sweeping away
collecting the colorful
specimens several bags
full as the shutter clicked
away. Too bad they were
so pretty I love the
delightful shades.

Last week an eventful
episode, some drama
but it's all over now.
Moving on… forging forward
to a brand new week.
Have a great week my friends!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

A Frosty Pair

The weather report from
a couple of weeks ago, some
near zero temperatures,
common in some parts of
the world but rare in
Vancouver. Unlike the
usual dampness, the air
was cool and dry, on
the ground a thin veil of
frost over the fallen leaves.
I hurried to snap couple
of shots before the rising
sun melts the crystals away.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Making Friday: The Trunk Bowl

A final post on bowls, I hope
you enjoyed the different ideas
 and decorating techniques. This
one below, the one that started
it all, the first bowl I made
it is in the shape of a trunk.
Same clay used here and here,
I couldn't help it, I love the
light texture of Cloud Clay!
It began as a ball, then dipping
your thumb and pinching it towards
the sides and gradually building
the walls up, but leaving
some volume at the bottom.

Then using a pair of scissors
cut into the excess on the bottom,
snipping it into 5 different parts.
This formed the roots. You can
level the rim around the top
by pressing it against a non-stick
surface. Leave to dry, then paint
on some bark texture, I used
acrylic ink. Don't forget the
inside and the underside!
And yes they are the best parts!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Making Thursday: The Nest Bowl

The nest bowl started off with
a perfect shape, all sides were
symmetrical even the thickness
was uniform. I used the same clay
as this bowl. Somehow the
idea for the eggs came quickly
while I was decorating other
bowls. Three blue eggs
in a nest, they were attached
 with a mixture of clay
and vinegar. No further
embellishment except for a
layer of Golden Crackle Paste.
It took only a couple of days for the
paste to dry, you can tell as
the cracks will show.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Black and White

The black and white branches
against the grey skies, some
barren others still full
of leaves their details
captured in this pair
intriguing despite the
lack of colors.