Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making Sunday: Quinacridone Landscape

A pen and ink drawing in raw sienna was the beginning of this piece, the pattern on a small rock was the inspiration. At first there was only lines, then dots were added, seemingly this created some sort of movement like ants or some creepy crawlies squirming all over the landscape. So the pen decided spots will have to be added too, as if the wind had picked up some kind of Martian dust, blowing swirls of it into the atmosphere.

To be honest, I wasn't sure of the result, I just like how the right portion of the piece complemented the left part. What do you think? Painting size 5" x 7".

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Foggy Sunday Walk

A foggy Sunday walk
quite a few people are out
surprisingly, it was not
as cold as it looked.

I quite like the
mystery and the blur,
there is something
intriguing about
that grey subtlety.

Perhaps it was the
barren winter branches,
all the crooked detail
exposed amidst the haze.

Perhaps it was the
muted shades of
what would be brighter
colors otherwise.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Making Saturday: Clam shell and Oriental Stripes

Painting time is precious these days, minutes salvaged from what was left from work and household chores. I am not complaining, the time spent in the little studio was much enjoyed with the sounds of CBC radio, ballet, romantic and J. S. Bach classics.

Today I post a pair of 5" x 7" artwork created last Monday, there was a chance to wrap up early so I eagerly headed home. With cooking and cleaning out of the way, I sat down on my warm chair and painted away. The idea of the clam shell came to mind as I cleaned out the clutter in the trinket cabinet, a seashell collected some years ago had that exact pattern, triangles reminiscent of Navajo blankets. Mountains of quinacridone colors replaced the original earth tones, combined with a large amount of sunshine and a final turquoise detail the painting was deemed complete.

The second piece was inspired by the same coral mentioned here, except now it is the underside that's the subject matter. A newly acquired raw sienna ink became the starting point, some swift pen lines later colors were applied. Dots of wonder teamed up with dramatic strokes, the entire process was a balance of hues and shapes. I just think the result reminded me of an oriental tiger. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Making Wednesday: Three Gerberas

A painting of daisies created from a pencil drawing I did in 2003. It's hard to believe that was 10 years ago, for the memory of how I stumbled upon those lovely Gerbera daisies was as fresh as if it'd happened yesterday. "Four for a dollar" the sign wrote and I said to myself if they were still there on my way home I was to buy them.

It began with a light pencil outline on Opus Finest Watercolor Paper, later a more permanent drawing with cobalt ink, thicker lines were added, followed by some watercolor paints. Of course I had to use some Da Vinci Quinacridone colours, the shades are simply divine.

A simple mat followed by a clean frame and the painting is complete, hung next to one of my earlier acrylics, Colors of Love, it is a welcome addition to our bedroom. Painting size is 8" x 10".

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Making Thursday: Watercolor Coral

Hello 2013!! Hard to believe it's now the beginning of another new year, time sure flew by the last few weeks, extra shifts at work took up most of my time, plans to paint and decorate were dashed. But there was time for friends and good food on New Year's Eve, thanks to the M's David and I had a great visit.

Below the first watercolor painting completed on January 1st, a piece of coral from my seashell collection was the original inspiration. It began with a pen and ink drawing followed by some painting with cobalt blue ink and Da Vinci's Quinacridone Watercolors. The soft dots are my favorite, the result of careful dabs on damp paper, painting size is 5" x 7".

Each new year brings about a sense of wonder and discovery, I wonder what this year will bring?