Saturday, January 19, 2013

Making Saturday: Clam shell and Oriental Stripes

Painting time is precious these days, minutes salvaged from what was left from work and household chores. I am not complaining, the time spent in the little studio was much enjoyed with the sounds of CBC radio, ballet, romantic and J. S. Bach classics.

Today I post a pair of 5" x 7" artwork created last Monday, there was a chance to wrap up early so I eagerly headed home. With cooking and cleaning out of the way, I sat down on my warm chair and painted away. The idea of the clam shell came to mind as I cleaned out the clutter in the trinket cabinet, a seashell collected some years ago had that exact pattern, triangles reminiscent of Navajo blankets. Mountains of quinacridone colors replaced the original earth tones, combined with a large amount of sunshine and a final turquoise detail the painting was deemed complete.

The second piece was inspired by the same coral mentioned here, except now it is the underside that's the subject matter. A newly acquired raw sienna ink became the starting point, some swift pen lines later colors were applied. Dots of wonder teamed up with dramatic strokes, the entire process was a balance of hues and shapes. I just think the result reminded me of an oriental tiger. 

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