Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making Sunday: Quinacridone Landscape

A pen and ink drawing in raw sienna was the beginning of this piece, the pattern on a small rock was the inspiration. At first there was only lines, then dots were added, seemingly this created some sort of movement like ants or some creepy crawlies squirming all over the landscape. So the pen decided spots will have to be added too, as if the wind had picked up some kind of Martian dust, blowing swirls of it into the atmosphere.

To be honest, I wasn't sure of the result, I just like how the right portion of the piece complemented the left part. What do you think? Painting size 5" x 7".


  1. Hi, you asked for comments... it is such a small photo so hard to tell better. I assume the details are pretty and I am quite certain I would like the close up. Yet, somehow the color combination makes me think of something sick... or is it maybe just because all of my family members are now sick around the house! most likely- so dont take my comment too seriously! :)

    1. Interesting comment Minami! I guess when you're sick everything just look so ill, I'd imagine the colours are somehow infectious, to put it politely. :) It is the cold and flu season, everyone here is taking turns getting sick, hope you are keeping warm and resting. Talk soon...