Thursday, January 3, 2013

Making Thursday: Watercolor Coral

Hello 2013!! Hard to believe it's now the beginning of another new year, time sure flew by the last few weeks, extra shifts at work took up most of my time, plans to paint and decorate were dashed. But there was time for friends and good food on New Year's Eve, thanks to the M's David and I had a great visit.

Below the first watercolor painting completed on January 1st, a piece of coral from my seashell collection was the original inspiration. It began with a pen and ink drawing followed by some painting with cobalt blue ink and Da Vinci's Quinacridone Watercolors. The soft dots are my favorite, the result of careful dabs on damp paper, painting size is 5" x 7".

Each new year brings about a sense of wonder and discovery, I wonder what this year will bring?


  1. Wishing all the best in 2013!! What will 2013 bring??

  2. Happy New Year Novi! Very happy picture. It reminds me of the new year fireworks! :)

  3. Thank you P.K.! Best wishes for 2013!! We shall see what this year brings, here's to a year full of beginnings.

    Happy New Year to you too Minami! It reminds me of firecrackers we well.