Sunday, February 3, 2013

Making Sunday: Fossilized Coral

Hello this grey and wet Sunday! There was some sunshine yesterday, David and I got up at a decent time, we managed to have a good breakfast and headed out the door before noon, a rare feat on a Saturday. It was nice to stroll through Granville Island, looking at all the shops and wandering through the little neighborhood of water homes docked by the shore. The dry weather brought out quite a few visitors, it sure was a popular destination despite the quiet season. Nevertheless I got to show Dave my favourite galleries and we both pointed out things that caught our eye.

Today I share another 5" x 7" painting completed this week, it began with a new cyan drawing ink, followed by washes of watercolor paints. The inspiration came from some pieces of fossilized coral I picked up at a rock shop some years ago, I was drawn to their intricate skeletal pattern and neutral shades.


  1. Hi Novi,
    Here again one of my random "what comes first into my mind" kind of comments; I could imagine this pattern as textile and used e.g. as curtains to lighten up some room. What do you think about that? :) Have a nice day! ps. All close to healthy now here :)

    1. Hi Minami, I appreciate your spontaneous response! It's funny how you mention this to be some sort of fabric pattern, I was thinking it would be nice as a cushion or accent/accessories for the living areas. Happy to hear you guys are getting better. :)