Saturday, April 27, 2013

Making Saturday: Island Exploration

Is it Saturday already? I can't believe how quickly this week flew by, all intentions of posting during the week were bashed, it has been a challenging few days but progress was made. It was also nice to discover this Friday some lovely comments on my last post, I really appreciate this, a motivation to keep up my blog!

Today a showcase of a new medium I tried out earlier this month. A recent discovery of Winsor Newton's Oilbars peaked my interest, the culprit was the video here. The intention was a hand drawn look, but I found some colors were not as soft as others and harder to draw with. Another reason was the smallish surface I was working on, it was impossible to achieve the details I wanted although it was great for the clouds and its reflection on the water.

The subject matter an island we discovered while boating with George, photos can be seen here. Grey pastel pencil drew a rough outline followed by a light wash of oilbar colors that were mixed with solvent, more colors mixed with Gamblin's Galkyd Lite quickly filled the scenery. It was not long before some final highlights of alizarin crimson and mixtures of orange and greens were brushed on to complete the piece. Painting size is 9" x 12".

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