Thursday, August 15, 2013

4x4 Adventure Part 2: By the Stream

The count that Sunday was a total of 17 Jeeps, after a brief discussion it was decided it would be best if we were divided into 2 groups. Some trails were quite narrow with sharp corners, smaller groups were much easier to make it around the bend. An experienced driver led the way, it was not long before we stopped by the stream. Cool water welcomed us, I did not mind the lens flare in the picture, wild foxglove thrived near the brook.

Another drive later, this time longer than the first, I had no idea where we were, some motorbikes stopped next to us for a break. I could not help but notice the marks on the window, made by branches that scraped off the dust as we inched by. More stops ahead, it was time to go, we drove slowly behind the team leader...

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