Saturday, August 17, 2013

4x4 with Al Part 4: Some Hilltop Findings

We started out that Sunday with Al, venturing near the Britannia Mine Museum with fellow Jeep wheelers. Stops earlier that morning at a stream and a part of what seems to be an operational mine, some delightful discoveries of cool waters and rusty decay, we were enjoying the trip so far.

The lead driver continued down a sandy road, its tone complemented the clear blue skies. More dilapidated piles followed, this time corrugated steel and tarnished debris of metal and wood. Another short drive later gave way to some mountain views amidst the rocky rugged landscape, this time the stop was much longer and everyone decided to break for lunch. The sun was hot at high noon, shade was found under the vehicle's canopy as we ate peanut butter sandwiches and shared tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and cookies... What will we see next?

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