Thursday, August 22, 2013

Capilano Powwow 2013

The Capilano Powwow in July
was new to us, until
Cheyenne told us about it I
had no idea such an event
was open to the public.

Crowds gathered around the
grass field at 7 PM. We bought
food from the stands, my
salmon dinner was delicious,
so was Dave's burger.
Soon the music started and
the announcer began to
introduce one event after
another, some to compete
others were invitations
to dance together.

I can still hear the drumbeats
and the singing in my head,
but the regalia are to die for.
So colorful and beautiful I
do not know the design nor
history behind them but
appreciate the work and
thought involved, most of all
I love the feathers.

As the powwow went on
I began to notice the craft
stalls that surrounded the fields,
reluctantly I pulled myself
away to investigate. Lots
of beaded jewellery, leather
works, crafts of all kinds were
displayed and reasonably priced.
I brought home a pair
of turquoise earrings which I
wear frequently these days,
a small memento from
that wonderful evening.

Many thanks to Cheyenne
for sharing this event.

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