Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday 4x4 Part 5 of 5: An Entrance and A Rocky Pair

Good Morning Sunday!! Continuing our four by four journey with Al... At one of the spots that Sunday, points of interests near the Britannia Mine Museum were discussed, including the entrance pictured below. It used to lead to the mine underneath, fallen timber prevented us from going further. The cool draft that swept past us carried an interesting scent, damp, heavy and metallic, I've never experienced it before, thoughts of mining working conditions were voiced including health issues of the workers, I sure am glad I'm not a miner.

We went over all the highlights that day, it appeared this would be the final destination. While everyone was chatting away, the camera noticed the rocks on the ground, subtle earth tones intermingled with greyish blue ones. There was comments from other drivers the stones got quite a bit of attention, I just like the way they were jumbled with the fallen pinecones and needles.

Everything we saw that day was more interesting than expected, we were glad we came along. Thank you Al for inviting us!

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