Sunday, September 1, 2013

Making Sunday: A Trio of Seeds

Hello lovely and sunny Sunday! The squirrels have been very active these days, messing about in the branches overhead, dropping seeds and nuts of all sorts on the sidewalk as I walk by. This one pictured below is particularly popular on their menu, I like its shape and lively green color, the outer leaves have an interesting vein pattern, it immediately found its way to my purse.

But it was not the only treasure I brought home. The bounty of the season became quite a pile on my table I had to do something about it, 3 of them made it to a drawing. Created with Prismacolor color pencils the vigorous strokes recorded a vibrant and cheerful circle. The last photo captured some kind of wonderful energy it simply must be shared. Circle diameter is 9".

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  1. The drawing has a wonderful energy and joyous colours.