Friday, November 22, 2013

Making Friday: The Trunk Bowl

A final post on bowls, I hope
you enjoyed the different ideas
 and decorating techniques. This
one below, the one that started
it all, the first bowl I made
it is in the shape of a trunk.
Same clay used here and here,
I couldn't help it, I love the
light texture of Cloud Clay!
It began as a ball, then dipping
your thumb and pinching it towards
the sides and gradually building
the walls up, but leaving
some volume at the bottom.

Then using a pair of scissors
cut into the excess on the bottom,
snipping it into 5 different parts.
This formed the roots. You can
level the rim around the top
by pressing it against a non-stick
surface. Leave to dry, then paint
on some bark texture, I used
acrylic ink. Don't forget the
inside and the underside!
And yes they are the best parts!!!

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