Friday, December 20, 2013

Making Friday: Felt Tree Ornaments Part 3

Hello hello Friday! Some Christmas
decorations shared earlier in the week,
today a continuation of more
ornaments, these ones made of felt.

A polar bear, I got to have a
polar bear, I live in Canada
after all, so a polar bear was born.
A simple shape traced onto
two pieces of beige colored felt,
inside a thin piece of cotton, layers
held together with blanket stitch.

We got to have elves I later decided,
for elves are Santa's little helpers.
So elves appeared, hanging for dear
life onto a string, there were five of them
all different colors. I want their pointed hats!

The wooly mammoths came next,
I don't know where the idea came from
somehow I wanted some kind of warm
fuzzy creatures for the tree. Their bodies
crocheted with the fluffiest of yarn,
eyes of flattened beads. In my
head they sing all kinds of Christmas
tunes, no baaing. I made three of them,
they all have bells around their necks.

Last but not least for today's post,
the toy soldier sitting on a giant
musical note, in his hands a pair
of cymbals, striking in rhythm
alongside the wooly mammoths
as they sang joyful tunes.

Wishing everyone a Happy Weekend!

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